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Even though there is a wide variety of different love spells and charms, the essence of this magic come to the same — you create your attractive mental image and inspire it in a subconsciousness of a person who interested you. In result, the person will be more often recollecting and thinking about you. His (or her) mind will be creating pictures of his (or her) physical and emotional contacts with you. And finally, he (or she) will decide to make a reality his (or her) dreams. At the same time, love magic sets different internal vibrations of two persons in a unified resonance. In other words, your “internal music” starts to sound in one common rhythm and in the same tonality. As a result, the person on who your charms were directed starts to feel emotional and physical attraction to you, feels a need for more often to be with you.

If you operate only on one level — stimulate only passion and desire, but completely forget about feelings, or on the contrary expect only friendly not sexual relations — it can break an internal harmony and cause external contradictions. By virtue of individual distinctions and predispositions, some people more susceptible to one charms and spells, for an attraction of others are necessary completely another actions. Therefore, find your personal magic. Use those methods which give the best fit for you and your beloved.

Love magic will be more effective in specific time. Friday — day of Venus — is most right for your love action. The moon should be waxing to strengthen your magical power. And midnight is the best time for any magical transformation. But the most important is your magic must become an addition to a reality, and not its full replacement. Therefore, for success of your secret actions it is necessary not only to wait and hope, but also to continue your daily charm in the real life. Take advantage of all variety of your seduction. Use magic of scents, love poisons and bewitching words, art of masters of style and fashion designers. Unite a secret and a reality, offer them to your beloved, and then all his (or her) feelings and thoughts will be directed to you.

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