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These divinations are folk rites of young unmarried women. Traditionally, they take place during Yuletide — the boundary period between Old and New Year, when doors between two worlds are opened and weird forces are arrived on the earth from the other world.
Usually, all divinations are made at midnight in uncommon places where various spirits inhabit — crossroads, derelict house, destroyed church, bathhouse, sheep-house, cellar, or garret.
There are a great many of rites, actually in each village there were their own means and methods. Most of the rites for lonely using, but also there are group rites. As these divinations have been taking place in countrysides, domestic animals and poultries are often used in the rites.


Ritual To Find Out If You Will Be Married or Not

Place into a pot a comb, a piece of bread and a wooden chip. Close your eyes and pull a thing out of the pot. If it will be the comb, you will marry this year; if bread, your wedding will not take place during next twelve months; if the chip, it prophesies some troubles for you.
Throw a thread in a bowl with water. Previously you must decide what mean if this thread will coil up at once or remain straight. In the same way, it is possible to divine on hair. Throw in water your hair and hair of a person loved by you. If they will have a contact, it means you with this person will be together. If hairs will move in opposite sides, it means your soon parting.
At night, go to a closed church. Stand near windows and listen what sounds from church will be heard. If you will hear a knell and wails, much misfortune will be for you in the coming year. If you will hear wedding chorus, you will be married soon. If you will hear a cuckoo cries, the riches will sudden arrive in your house. If will be no sounds in the closed church, all as before will be in your life.

In the evening after a sunset, hang a white towel on a line in a bathhouse or outdoors and say:
My promised husband, come and wipe yourself.
Wait some time and check the towel. If it is wet, your wedding will be this year. If it is dry, wait till morning comes. Check it again. If it is wet, your wedding will be not soon; if it is dry, your wedding will be never.
It is group divination. The number of participants of it must be odd. Obtain an old book, and a flat old key with a round head and a hole. Insert a leg of the key into the book, between
pages so that the key’s head lean out of the book. Tie the book round tightly with a rope. Attach an other rope to a head of the key and hang this divination device on a hook or a nail on a ceiling. Make so that the book have not any movement — not a swing and not a turn. Look on the book and say one after another and with pause names of all girls who is in the room. If the book begin move on saying of some name, this girl will marry this year.
Another group divination. Obtain thin short candles (all candles should be the same length) and shells of walnuts. Each girl set her candle into a shell. All shells are placed in a bowl with water. All candles get fire at one time. An order of the dying of candles appoints an order of weddings. Whose candle will burn down before others, that girl will marry first and so on. When this divination is made for one girl, only two candles are used. One of them is named as the girl, and other one as a boy. If candles will float together, it means that and people will live together.
At midnight, mother should blindfold the daughter, drives her back forth, and around on a room, then lets daughter go where she wants. If girl will go to an exit door, she will marry soon.
At night after a sunset, bring a cock at the house. If it will go to a dinner table, you will marry this year; if it will run from the home, you will stay maid.
Tie together tails of a cock and a hen. Cover them with a sieve. Previously you must decide what a movement of the sieve in one or another side is mean. For example, if the hen will pull, it means your wedding this year. Or of the cock will win, it means prosperity will come to your home.
Late at night, go in a sheepfold and tie together two sheep with belts. In the morning, if sheep will stand a head to a gate, you will marry this year; if they are a back or sideways to a gate, your wedding is not soon.
Take a horse out a stable. Place a black bag on its head so that the horse could not see a road. Get onto the horseback to front — your back to its withers. If the horse will go to a gate, you will marry soon; if it goes back to the stable, no one will ask you in marriage in the near future.
In full darkness, catch a bird in a goose-house. If you will catch a gander (cock), you will marry soon; if a goose (hen), you remain a maid.
Think of a desire. Call your cat from another room. If it will cross a threshold of the room with the left foreleg, desire will come true.
Take a fresh egg. Make a small hole in it. Carefully pour an egg-white through the hole in a glass with water. When the egg-white will curdle, look on its form, associate it with anything, and think what it means. For example, view of a church means wedding; a ring promises you betrothal; an airplane or a ship can mean a departure or an arrival of your beloved and so on. If the egg-white will go down, it forebodes much hardship for you.


Love Divination To See your Future Husband

Divinations with a mirror are considered as the most true and the most dangerous. It is the best to divine with a mirror at night in a bathhouse or a deserted house. You must be alone
in a room, without any metal on you — take off rings, bangles, chains, and earrings. Put a big mirror on a table. Place a lit candle behind the mirror and two plates in front of the mirror. Sit down at the table. Gaze into the mirror. Don’t blink. Don’t avert your eyes from the mirror. Say:
My promised husband, come to me for supper.
After a time, you will see your future husband behind your shoulder. When you will distinguish his face, say:
Chur, chur, chur! Keep away from this place!

It is considered that the Devil himself comes here taking the appearance of your future husband.
Another variant of a mirror divination is a ritual with two mirrors which are placed parallel, face-to-face so that they reflect their own reflections. One of mirrors must stand on a table. Place two lit candles beside the mirror (one on the left side and the other on the right) so that fires of the candles will be reflected in it. Sit down at the table. Set the second mirror in front of the first so that reflections of mirrors will create an endless mirror corridor to the other world. Gaze into it and after a time, you will see your future husband going to you along the corridor. When you will distinguish his face, break the mirror way — overturn the mirrors the faces down on the table and say:
Chur, chur, chur! Keep away from this place!
Do it quickly, but be careful, don’t break mirrors.
If at night in the sky there will be the full moon, go to a crossroad. Take a mirror with you. Stand on the crossroad, so that the moon would be behind you. Look into the mirror and say:
My promised husband, appear in the mirror.
After a time, you will see your future husband. Then say:
Chur, chur, chur! Keep away from this place!
And run to home not looking back.

Light three candles and turn out an electric lighting. Place a ring in a glass with water. Put the glass on a sheet of white paper. If you will gaze into a hole of the ring a long time, you will see a face of your promised husband.
To have a prophetic love dream, it is necessary to dust a floor in your bedroom with a birch broom in a direction from a threshold to a left corner and wash yourself with water which was taken from nine draw-wells. Also, you should put man's trousers under your pillow and a cup with water under your bed.
Before go to bed, eat any food in which put too much salt and say:
Who my promised husband is, That man will give me a drink.
Don’t drink anything and go to bed at once. Who will give you a drink in your dream, that man will be your future husband. Try to recollect his face, may be he said his name or you have already known him.
Using twigs make a little bridge. Put it under your pillow. Go to bed and say:
Who my promised husband is,
That man will conduct me over a bridge.
In the dream, you will see how your promised husband conducts you over a bridge. Before go to bed, put a comb under your pillow and say:
My promised husband, come and comb my hair.
In the dream, you will see how your promised husband combs your hair.
If you have three admirers and you guess who of them must be your husband, make the following. Take three playing cards — Jack of hearts, Jack of spades, and Jack of diamonds. Please a bay leaf between the cards — the order is card, leaf, card, leaf, card. Associate each card with one of men. Put the cards with the bay leaves under your pillow and go to bed. Suit of Jack that you have seen in your dream will point out your future husband.


Love Ritual To Know His/Her Nature

In order to know a character of a future husband or a wife, place a hen and a cock in the centre of a room. If the cock haughtily walks up and down, a husband will angry; if it pinches the hen, a husband will beat his wife; if the hen is brave and not allows itself to be pushed around, a wife will rule over her husband.
Put bread, a gold ring, silver ring, copper ring, and a bowl with water on a floor in different places. Place in the centre of a room the hen. If it begins to drink water, your husband will be drunkard; if it eats the bread, the husband will be a poor man; if the hen takes the gold ring (begins to peck something near this ring), the husband will be a very rich man, if
the hen takes silver one, he will be a man of moderate means; if the hen takes the copper ring, he will be an eternal debtor.
At midnight, go out of doors and lie down on snow so that to make an imprint of all your body. In the morning, go to look. If the imprint will be smooth, your husband will be appeasable and modest; if not smooth and as if beaten by rods, the husband will be cantankerous and pugnacious.
When all people at your home have gone to bed, sit by a window and say:
My promised husband, go near my home.
Very soon, someone will pass in the street. If he passes silently, your future husband will be poor or avaricious; if with whistle or song, he will be rich and cheerful.
After sunset, go to a woodpile, take one logs out of it. If the log is smooth, your husband will be poor; if it is snaggy, he will be rich; if the log is mouldering, he will be a drunkard.
At midnight, go to a crossroads, draw there a circle on a ground, and stand into this circle. Cover yourself with a white bed-sheet and listen attentively any sounds. If you hear a ringing of bells or a barking of a dog, it means that you will marry soon. If the bark will be hoarse and rough, your husband will be old and grousing; if sonorous, he will be young and cheerful. If you hear sound of a kiss, you will have a new love; a meowing of a cat promises you happiness and prosperity; a sound of an axe or a croaking foretells an illness or death.
In the evening after a sunset, go into a bathhouse, throw up a heap of ash and return home. In the morning, go into a bathhouse again and check the ash. If on it there is a print of expensive boots, your husband will be rich; if cheap or just sole, he will be poor; if it is a track as if from a lash, your husband will be pugnacious and intractable.
To find out, is your future husband was earlier unmarried, divorced, or widower, you should go to a fencing at dark night, touch each pale of the fencing by your left hand and repeat words “single”, “widower”, “divorced” one after another. Notice a word on which pales will be finished and which defines a family status of your future husband.
Where He from
To find out, is your future husband from your village (town) or other places, you should go to a crossroads at night, stand there just on the left foot and wait for the first barking of a dog. If the barking sounds from far away, the husband will be from other places; if the barking is not far, the husband will be the local.
At midnight, go to a crossroad. Cry in all sides. In which side an echo will respond to you, in that side you will be married.
Blindfold a horse. Sit onto it and say:
Carry me to my future husband
Let the horse go free. In which side it will carry you, in that side you will be married. Light a chip. Stick it in a log and say:
This is for a search of my beloved
Look, in which side ashes will fall, from that side your future husband will come.
At midnight, go to a crossroad. Take off your left shoe and hold it in your right hand. Close your eyes and make several turn around yourself. Throw the shoe back over your left shoulder. In which side shoe’s toe points, in that side your future husband are living. If the shoe points to your house, it means your wedding will not take place in the near future.


Antidotes for Love - Love Divination

If you surmise that you have become the object of love magic and this magic was made by a person you do not need at all, when under a magical action you get “false feeling” and have spontaneous changes of emotions, at one moment you fall in love, at another you hate, feel that cannot be with this man (or woman), leave him, but after that feel that cannot be without him, and at the same time you understand that this all is not necessary for you, that from this relations you receive more misery, than satisfactions, in these cases you should use rituals of deliverance from insubstantial feelings.


The Chicken Slingshot Incantation For Love

For this magic, you will need a chicken bone that has the form of a slingshot. In any day of the waning moon, light a black candle after sunset. Hold the ends of the bone by the right and the left hand. Place the bone middle above the flame of the candle so that fumes of the candle deposit on the bone. Utter the incantation:
By the black moon I conjure,
By dead bone I enjoin,
Recede from me all that belongs to others, All dark and false!
Step in the left side all grief and troubles And in the right, all hopes and lusts.
On the last word, break in two the bone and finish the incantation:
As this dead bone never be knit,
So me with [name] together never to be.
Bury the fragments of the bone in different places as further as possible from each other and say:
As these bones are far from each other, So us from each other far to be.
In many cases, just one this action is enough to get rid of vagueness of feelings and mental pressure.


Ritual To End Love

When it is necessary to eliminate love, fill a small black bag with sleepy poppy seeds. In midnight, go three times around a house of the one who must forget about you, strewing poppy seeds on a ground and repeating the incantation:
Love falls asleep, will not wake again. Heart locks, will not open again.
As these poppy seeds never together to be, So me with [name] never together to be. As poppy seeds get spilled, so love goes off. As love go off, so the road get lost, From heart to heart, from soul to soul, From me to you, from you to me. From now and for all time
For success of this magic, do it on Saturday or on Monday, when the moon wanes.


Love Ritual To Prevent Love

Divide in half a big lemon. Take one half of the lemon in hand and looking on it, imagine the face of your ex-beloved. Vastly salt and pepper it and say:
As this taste is not lovely to me,
So [name of ex-beloved] will be not lovely for me.
Bite off the pulp of the lemon. Feel in full measure aversion to the lemon and to one who was before interesting for you.


Ritual To Seperate Two Lovers

Go to secluded place. Light two purple candles. Write on a sheet of paper you and his (her) names. Divide the paper in half so that your names will be separately. Burn out these papers on different candles. Put ashes of first paper on the left palm and the other on the right. Having waited a capful of wind, blow away ashes from the palms in the different sides.
You can do this magic indoors. In this case, blow away ashes in two different windows.


Ritual To Eliminate A Love Rival

When a lover leaves you and you know the name of your rival, make the following. Light a black or a dark blue candle. Write with a needle at the top of the candle the name of the man and at the bottom the name of the woman. Prick several times by the needle the flame
of the candle, saying:
As this fire is cleaved,
So [name] and [name] will be cleaved From now and for all time.
Repeat this incantation and action until then it is not become obvious and clear for you that your words become the reality. Then blow out the candle. Divide it in half by sharp knife, having separated thus two names. Throw out these parts of the candle in different places as possible further from each other.


Ritual To Destroy Feelings Of Love

Take a handful of a ground from a fresh grave and a leaf from a funeral wreath. Put them in a black silk pouch. Also, put in it a rusty ring, three rusty nails, your and his photo. Wrap up mouth of the pouch seven times with a black cord and seal the ends of the cord with red sealing wax. At midnight, go three times around of a house of the one who became not sweet to you, holding the pouch in the left hand behind you back, and pressing the right hand to the heart. Making you way, repeat the incantation:
Aspero lato kafo labor, Ade lais atabor.
Having finished this action, bury the pouch near to the house. If you have not necessary photos, use two separate pieces of paper on which write your and his name.


Ritual To Forget An Ex-Lover

When you want to get rid of feelings to a person who deserted you, stand near a cook- table and take in the hand an uncooked egg. Hold it in front of you, imagine that in this egg are concentrated all your feelings to this person. With all your force throw and break the egg on the table, understanding that with this action you break all your former relations and feelings.
If you want to return a person who deserted you for a rival, choose another way. Write with a black marker a name of your beloved on one side of egg, and a name of a rival on the other side. Imagine that the egg symbolizes their relations and feelings. Throw and break the egg.


Love Ritual To Feel Good After Separation

If parting with your former feelings and dreams is painfully for you, make special
cleaning ritual. You will need a photo or any personal thing of your ex-beloved that can be destroyed by a fire. Wait that time when the moon has started wane. The best way is your actions have coincided with the twenty fifth or twenty seventh day of the lunar cycle.
When the time has come, light a grey candle and fill a small basin or a bucket with pure water. Spit upon the photo three times and burn it in the flame of the candle. Collect all ashes and rub with it the chest (region of heart) and the forehead. Moisten three fingers of the right hand in clean water and say:
Clear water,
Flow through grief of my heart, Cleanse my mind and blood From dead love that hides in my heart. Wash me with a clear stream. Clean mind and feelings.
Save my heart.
From now and for all time.
After that, make the sign of the cross on you with the wet fingers. Wash with clear water all dirt from the chest and the forehead, wipe with a towel, and put on clean clothes.


Ritual To Get Rid Of Love Magic

In order to get rid of love magic, make simple but very effective action. Retire in a secluded place where nobody can impede you. Dig not big hole. Take in the both hands a handful of small needles (so many, as you can take) and say:
Afa fas nas.
Imagine that all unnecessary for your feelings and the negative energy spill over into the needles. Complete the mantra:
Zel kala baktas.
Unclench the fists and by flick throw out all needles in the hole. Bury the hole with the needles. Put a lit candle on this grave. Leave it to burn down, and come back home.



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