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Use a violet or black candle and chant these words:
Turn his heart away from me, but not so far he detests me so,
Undo the obsession (he/she) has with me, for I've no love to show.
Unrequited love isn't fair, it's better we're not together.
Make (him, her) find another love who'll stay by (his/her) side forever.


This spell is to undo any love spells or natural love.
You need one each of green, orange and yellow candles, a rose, and bowl of water.
Light the green and orange candles
Take the rose and burn the tip of the stem
"Green love and orange strength,
burn the love of me and ________ (lover's name)"
Put the rose in the water
Light the yellow candle
"Yellow power do the deed."
Stick your fingers in the water and put out the candles with your fingers
Tear the petals off the rose.
"Let _________ (lover's name) not hate, but love another and not me."


Small issues can be handled in a magic circle, whereas larger issues may need a full ritual.
You will need:
Two black candles, a long black ribbon, black gloves, scissors, the cauldron or a fireproof
Bowl containing small amount of alcohol a taper and a lighter to light it a silver bell
To Proceed:
Cleanse and consecrate all items.
Dress the candles with the oil in the manner to send negativity away from you, then light them.
Hold each end of the ribbon and name the ends for the two people to be separated
Pass the silver bell over the altar several times, until you feel you are in tune with the
Universal energies of love and peace. Anger is not a luxury afforded to you in the situation.
Put on the black gloves and say:
"I call upon the energies of Universal balance
I call upon the ancient energies of my people
I call upon the living essence of the Morrigan
Underworld and heaven
Land and sea
I waken these energies unto me.
Witness now that I renounce and sever
Break bonds and connections with ______
By all powers that are One Power
May the great sisters of karma now weave anew
And separate me from you
As I will, so mote it be!"
Cut the ribbon. Say: "It is so." Light the cauldron.
Burn both pieces of ribbon by dipping into the alcohol and carefully lighting with a taper.
Place the ashes and all leanings in a box and keep in case the spell is to be reversed.


You will need:
red cayenne pepper sea salt matches 1 small candle nine pennies
Empty out two-thirds of the pepper from its bottle. Fill the bottle a third full of sea salt.
Break the heads off the matches and use the heads to fill the jar almost to the top.
Match heads contain sulfur, a magical element used by witches to scatter negative force.
Sea salt is for cleansing and cayenne pepper makes things uncomfortable for people who try to harm you.
Write the name of the person you want away from you on a small piece of paper.
(If you have a signature, even better.) Insert the paper into the jar. Close the lid tightly.
For nine days in a row beginning ten days before the new moon, shake the bottle as
many times a day as you feel inclined to do so. Visualize this person moving away from you.
On the ninth day rub the lid of the jar with the wax of the candle. (Any color is ok but black is best.)
Take the jar to the closest river and throw it in.
Throw nine pennies over your shoulder and don't look back.


Take a photo of you and your ex-lover depicting a time or event in the past when
the relationship was still good for the both of you. Then cut out the ex-lover's image.
Cast a circle and burn the image while envisioning a hopeful, joyful life without this person.
Do not blame yourself or your ex-lover, nor hold any thoughts of recrimination or revenge while
engaged in this meditation. Continue the projection of your future life for a few minutes.
Bury the ashes in an appropriate place.


Light a purple, dark blue, and black candle and repeat three times:
"Break the spell of love,
For I hath suffered.
May they love me not,
And find love in another ."


You will need:
- blue candle small bell piece of white paper juice from a freshly squeezed apple white saucer
This spell is more complicated than most, but especially effective.
Friday is the recommended day to work this spell.
First, light a new blue candle (blue being a healing color). Then ring a little bell three times.
On a clean white piece of paper draw a circle to represent the sun.
Also draw a crescent moon, with the curved shape to the left, to represent the waning moon.
Stain the paper by squeezing onto it the juice from an apple. Fold the paper in half, then a quarter.
Fold what you hold into half and a quarter again, imagining as you do so that you are folding up
and containing the love you once shared.
Burn the paper in your candle flame and place the ashes on a clean white saucer.
Dip in your forefinger in the ashes and write the initial of your former lover on your forehead.
Divide the remaining ashes into seven equal parts and evenly sprinkle them into seven pieces of
clean white paper. Fold the seven pieces of paper containing the ashes into seven little envelope
shapes. Avoid spilling the ashes, because by doing so you will disperse the essence of the spell.
Pour a little candle wax over the seal of each parcel. It is most important to think loving
thoughts about your partner as you do so. Bury with love in your garden.


Spell for relationships gone very bad. If someone keeps hassling you and you're having
trouble getting them out of your life then give this spell a try.
Supplies: 8" yellow candle 8" blue candle 8" gray candle
a cheap knife charcoal heavy-duty safety pin
You will need to find a place where there is green grass and trees growing in one
direction and the other direction needs to be more barren (such as sand or rocks).
Only perform this spell between the hours of twelve midnight and one in the morning.
Start the spell on a Sunday night.
Cut seven notches in each candle.
On the base of the yellow candle engrave your name and birthdate and on the gray candle
engrave the name and birthdate of the person you are trying to get rid of.
Place the blue candle in the middle, the yellow candle on the grassy side and the gray
candle on the barren side. The candles must be placed 24 inches from the blue candle.
In the middle between the blue candle and the gray candle place the knife lying with the
sharp blade facing the gray candle. Surround the gray candle with some charcoal.
Draw a dove with your little finger of the left hand around the
yellow candle. With your left hand light both the yellow candle and the blue candle.
With your right hand light the gray candle. Repeat the following words three times:
"atce atce atce ete el ikaw".
Let all three candles burn one section.
On the next night repeat the same moving the candles another 24 inches apart.
Continue for seven nights in total until the last night you will have one section of each candle.
Bury the gray candle in the ground with charcoal.
Bury knife with blade facing gray candle. Bury blue candle.
Take the yellow candle home and place in bottom draw of your cupboard on white cloth.


Severing the ties bound when you took your vows with your S/O can be as simple or as
elaborate as you like. I suggest simply visualizing him/her as you remember him/her from your
wedding day. Visualize a white cord tied first to your waist and then to his/hers.
Next, call out to the God/ess,
We took our oaths freely
Each promising to cherish, love and protect.
By your hand, you broke your oath.
By my hand, our bond is severed.
Visualize cutting the cord between you.
You are no longer psychically bound to him in this life, or the next.


Visualizing your lover standing with you in a wooded clearing under a full moon.
Then visualize a white cord tied first to your waist and then to his/hers.
Next, call out to the God/ess:
Once bound together
Through love and understanding
I do now choose
To walk a different path,
To cast off the ties of our union
And to separate our lives.
Bittersweet though our parting be
Let my heart and soul be free.
Visualize yourself untying the cord from your own waist and walking away from the
clearing, leaving him/her behind.


When one has been involved (either Emotionally, Physically or Spiritually) with another
person it can create an 'Etheric Link' that resembles a red cord binding between you.
When the friendship or relationship ends it is often difficult to move on, as you are still
linked to this person. The Cutting of the Cord Spell is ideal in dissolving the bonds
between people allowing them to move on.
You Will Need:
--2 Red Candles, Length of Red Cord
--A photograph of you and your friend or ex (or a picture to represent you both drawn)
--A pair of scissors.
Preparation: Bathe & Cleanse yourself before starting, set out materials, and
Cast a Basic Magickal Circle.
The Spell
Mark the first Candle with your name and the second Candle with the other person's name.
Charge the Candles with Anointing Oil, starting from the center moving
outwards (sending energy out), seeing the person named on the Candle as you anoint it.
Take the first Candle in your hand hold it over your Altar Candle visualizing it
being Charged with energy to do your bidding, then present the Candle to the Altar saying:
As the Goddess gave form and substance to our spirits,
I give form and substance to this candle,
As She named us Her children,
I name this Candle as (insert name).
As this Candle is wax and wick,
So it is also flesh and blood, So Mote it be!
Repeat with second Candle.
Sit in meditation and think of the joy this person brought you, picture your favorite memory.
Visualize the link between your hearts as a thick red cord joining you from heart Chakra to heart Chakra.
Tie an end of the cord to each candle, joining you together, as you are joined in spirit.
Place the photo or picture over the center of the cord saying:
As the Goddess links us in Spirit, I link these forms together,
As above, so below, As within, so without!
Again sit in meditation, and think of the reasons you want to cut all ties to this
person, think about the events that have lead up to this decision. Face any doubts
that you may have and see them for what they are, fear. Know in your heart that the
Goddess wants only the best for you and She wants you to want the best for yourself.
When you are ready visualize yourself telling the other that it is over and that
you are moving on, then see yourself turn and walk away - not looking back!
Cut through the Cord that binds you to each other (as well as through the
picture symbolizing your togetherness) and say:
By my free will, with harm to none,
I sever the cord that binds me to (insert name),
As we once chose to share the road we walked,
Now we choose to walk a different path,
Although we still journey to the same destination,
No longer do our steps move in time you are no longer my friend (or
lover), I release the (insert name) from all ties to me
As I am released from thee, As I do will, so mote it be!
Take the candle, 1/2 the cord and 1/2 the picture (the part representing your ex)
in a heatproof bowl, tip a little 'goodwill incense' over it all, with a little mentholated spirits,
then as you light it say:
As this smoke rises and drifts away,
So do all my bonds to you... So mote it be!
Place 'your' candle on your Altar to burn when you find yourself wishing 'what if'.
Clean up and Close Circle, then bury everything else except your candle.

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