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If you are facing a judgment in court, write down all possible verdicts on a piece of paper.
With scissors or a knife, cut out only the desired conclusion while focusing your mind on
a positive outcome. Carefully burn the unwanted portion, until nothing but ash remains.
Release or bury this ash so it is symbolically "lost" to you.
Carry the other piece of paper into court, wrapped in gold cloth, as a protective amulet.
Usage: Equity, fairness, truth, and legal matters.
Timing: When the sun is brightest. Moon in Libra. Months of July and December. Tuesday.



The color orange represents business and fairness. Do this: Sit in a quiet place.
Ground and Center. Light an orange candle.
Concentrate on the facts of the case (issue) try to see the situation as an outsider.
Take a deep breath and play out in your mind different scenarios that may happen while in front of
the judge (board). Keep the scenario's realistic. Picture yourself as calm and factual as possible.
Once you are satisfied that you have played through all of the options then focus back on the candle
Request (from whomever you believe in) that they open the eyes of the participants to see through the
emotion of the situation and see the facts. Run through any new scenarios that come to mind.
Then extinguish the candle. The key here is to see the situation from all angles.
If you only see your own point of view than you may be more vulnerable to surprise questions.


2 part carnation petals 1 part Anise seed 1 part cinnamon
Use 2 tablespoons of this mixture to 2 oz. oil. add a piece of Galangal root to each bottle.
I would put some in your bath before any confrontations.
Also use as a perfume on your pulse points.
Carry a Galangal root, John the Conqueror root.
With snake root or Indian tobacco in a small bag.
Anointed in the oil and to give added punch van van oil.
I also would carry a horse chestnut dressed in van van oil.
You could even add some just judge oil too.


When the moon is in the astrological sign of Libra or Sagittarius, brew a magical tea from Lovage root.
Strain the liquid into a glass container.
Seal it tightly with a lid after the tea has cooled; bless it in the divine name of the Goddess;
and then store it in the refrigerator until the night before you are scheduled to appear in court.
When the time is ready, light a new black candle and add your lovage root tea to your bathwater.
As you bathe in it and visualize yourself winning the court case, your body and spirit will
absorb beneficial occult vibrations. After bathing, place the Justice card from a Tarot deck under your pillow.
Go to bed and recite the following magical rhyme over and over until you fall asleep:
To make the power of the spell even more potent, also brew a magical tea from some dried
Californian buckthorn bark and sprinkle it around the courthouse premises at midnight on the night
prior to your court appearance. Be sure to do this without anyone seeing you.


I had been told by a local occult tore owner that I could make up a bag using red flannel, Court case
oil, john the conquer root, a talisman (3nails with the words Justo Juez) the Indian Tobacco seal or Snake root seal.
The items you list are very appropriate ingredients for a lawyer's mojo, to increase his or her ability to persuade
others and win in court. John the Conqueror increases personal mastery and command in any situation.
I would *also* include a Little John (Court Case) root. It is the sine qua non of legal matter roots.
Here are my proposed additions to the list you gave above:
Little John to chew Root (a.k.a. Court Case Root)
Deer's Tongue leaves (for eloquence in speech)
Slippery Elm Bark chips (to forfend slander, gossip, and lies)
Calendula or Marigold flowers (both are said to aid court cases)
Solomon Seal root(for wise legal decisions)
Dress it with Court Case Oil (which contains some of the above)
The talisman is also good. It comes from the Afro-Caribbean tradition and it is Catholic / Santerian:
The three nails represent the crucifixion and the Justo Juez image is a detail of the crucifixion scene
from the Santerian Seven African Powers image. Catholic-Santeria talismans are not yet well known
among African-Americans (most of whom are members of the various Protestant denominations),
but they are certainly acceptable and copacetic with hoodoo foot work -- and they are becoming
better known gradually as more Santeros frequent hoodoo candle shops and ask for such products.
Likewise, although not many Cuban, Mexican, Haitian, or Puerto Rican Santeros have heard of
Court Case Root yet, the African-American influence on Santero/Vodoun botanicas is slowly
increasing as the demand for traditional hoodoo-style products is being met by enterprising botanica
shop-keepers. Even some New Age / Pagan / Wiccan shops are beginning To carry materials for
practitioners of both of these styles of folk-magic. cat (looking forward to the world-mix culture)


If someone is working against you in a legal matter and you know her name, you can try a freezing spell.
Write her name on a piece of paper (parchment is good) in pencil or India ink (preferably).
Fold the paper in half, then in half again until you can't fold it any more.
As you do this, imagine her influence freezing / stopping, that she cannot do anything until the thaw.
Then put some liquid (vodka works well I've found) on the paper and put it into a corner of your freezer.
Leave it there for 30 days. Start this on the waning moon.
It should stop her from influencing people or things about your business. It freezes her out.


One yellow seven-day-candle (The candles are One purple seven-day candle worth
getting! or use Five blue votive candles white if you must)
Your name, the court docket number, name of the case, and the name of the
attorney on a small piece of paper.
Cinquefoil or substitute some clover from the lawn or a field.
Powdered mustard.
Place the paper with your name, your attorney's name, the court docket number, and
the name of the case under the purple seven-day candle. Dress yellow, purple and
blue candles with rose oil. Inscribe the sign of Jupiter on the four blue candles with a
pin or nail. Surround the purple candle with the blue candles.
One brown candle (any size). Rose oil.
The names of those testifying against you one a different small piece of paper. Say:
"The Goddess reigns supreme. She is clothed with the sun,
the moon beneath her feet. She holds in her arms the strength of the
universe. She cannot be dethroned. She is joy, truth, order and hope.
None can depose her. She is the beginning and the end of all things. The
God is my protector and my champion, and lends his power to her. The
floods of discontent have lifted up against me, threatening to engulf me.
The waves are the many voices of my enemies. The Lord and Lady are
mightier than the many waves of mine enemies' sea. My testimony and those
who testify for me will be sure, strong, and winning. In the names of
the Lord and Lady, victory shall be mine!"
Clap your hands to seal the spell.
Sprinkle dried and powdered cinquefoil or clover and the powdered mustard on the
paper with the names of those who are against you.
Place the names of those testifying against you under the brown candle.
Light the remaining candles, and say:
"Plead my cause, Goddess, with them that strive against me.
Fight against them that wish to harm me, or who speak out against me.
Take hold of your shield and sword, my Lady and Lord, and stand up for me.
Draw out the spear and stop the way against those that persecute me.
Let them be confounded and shamed that seek to hurt me.
Let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my pain.
Let them be as chaff before the wind; and let their Karma chase them.
My Lady, Great Goddess of the angels, send your messengers on the wild hunt,
seeking them out, bringing their actions to rest in their own arms.
Send them to the pit they, Themselves, have dug. Let their karmic destruction come upon
them at unawares and let his/her words catch them and snare them in their own deceit.
Rescue me, my Lord and Lady from this adversity. Let not my enemies rejoice over me.
Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that rejoice over my hurt;
let them be clothed with shame and dishonor, and may it be magnified against them.
Rise up now, great Lord and Lady, and deliver justice in my favor! So mote it be."
Clap your hands to seal the spell. Allow all candles to burn completely.
Note: If you have a sword among your magical tools, then hold the sword above your head as
you intone the words to the spell. This spell will not work if you are guilty.


May Nemesis stalk those who dare
To slander me and cause me care
All that they attempt to cause me pain
Rebound on them and be in vain
Let the hurt they cause to me and mine
Be bound round them like ivy's vine
And when they lay them down to sleep
May nightmares stalk and waking weep
Until the day their conscience bids
They tell the truth to for all to hear
And leave my reputation clear
All this i ask in justices' name
And wish on them the very same.


elements: Earth, Air
Planets: Jupiter, Sun, Mercury,Saturn,Mars
Best times:
thursday- for success, securing justice
sunday- for freedom
saturday- to bind a criminal, to limit someones freedom or bring them to justice, for protection.
tuesday: for strength in conflict
colors; ( candles , cord etc.) deep blue, royal purple red, black
number: 4 or 8
incense: cedar, cypress, frankincense, pine, sandalwood
plants and herbs: garlic( for protection, herbs of the appropriate planetary powers),
high john the conqueror root, st. johns wort (for invincibility), nettles or vines ( for binding),
Gods and Goddesses: Aradia (to protect the poor, and witches of course),
Athena (for mercy), Maat, Nemesis ( to bring justice to an offender), Themis,
The Dagdah, Jupiter, Osiris, Thoth, Zeus.

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