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Free Magic Spells And Rituals To Heal Various Illnesses




Free Magic Spells For Healing

Obtain a thick hollow straw. Cut it into four parts — a length of each part should be three fourth inch. Tie together these four short straws with a red thread. Put three leaden pellets into one of the straws, salt into other and grinded incense into the third. Cork up the ends of the straws with molten white wax. Pass a red lace through the fourth straw. Carry this amulet on your neck for protection against all infectious diseases. The amulet have a might only seven days, therefore after the lapse of a week, make a new amulet and throw out the former into a river or bury it in a deserted place.
The following amulet will protect from plague, cholera, or typhus. Melt a small silver spoon. Mould this molten metal into a small round locket in centre of which there is a triangular hole. Engrave three magical symbols on the locket. Carry this amulet on your neck with a red lace. A making of the amulet should take place on first Monday after a full moon.
Obtain a piece of white rope. The length of the piece should be five inches. Make three knots on the rope — on the ends and in the middle of it. Tying the first knot, say:
When you make the second knot, continue the spell:
Tying the third knot, say:
Ule kau baakan.
Zaun abe laf.
Asmaud aze karo.
Put the knotted rope into your pocket and say:
As knots will not get untied
So illnesses will not be attached to me.
You have to carry this amulet when you visit an ill person. Going home from him, throw out this rope on a crossroads.


Magic Spell To Fight Against Any Illness

For elimination of any illness, it is necessary to write a name of the illness on a strip of paper, each day to cut a one letter off this word, burn it on a flame of a violet candle and say:
As this word is decreasing, So its meaning is decreasing.
Another means. At clear night, an ill person should go out of doors, look at a full moon and speak:
As the moon is waning, So my illness is waning.
It is necessary to repeat it all next nights of the waning moon. When the moon has started to wax, the ill person should not end his work, he should do the same, but speak another words:
As the moon is waxing And my health is waxing.
Another means. At the beginning of an autumn when leaves just begin to fall from trees, it is necessary to go to one of trees and say:
As all leaves will have fallen from this tree, So my illness will have fallen from me.
Repeat this action each day until none leaf remains on the tree.
Another means. Break a chip off an aspen. Prick a fingertip of your middle finger of the left hand with the chip so that your blood will be on the chip. After that, insert this chip back in the aspen, in that place whence you have broken off it and say:
Aspen, aspen, take my illness, Give me good health.
Another means. Prick the middle finger of your left hand and squeeze a droplet of blood out it. Put the blood on a surface of a small flat stone. Throw this stone far away into a river and be positive that with this action you get out of your illnesses. If there is not a river in your place, throw the stone into a bonfire. In any case, after the action, go home on circuitous ways and don’t greet anybody, otherwise, the illness will return to you.


Magic Healing Ritual

Light a red candle. Hold a glass with pure water near a pain place with the left hand and take the candle with the right. Drip molten wax of the candle into the water and repeat three times:
There where bright fire is,
There are not diseases and sores.
All illnesses go out the body and the blood, Out the heart and the head.
Next, anoint a pain place with the water and say:
There where sacred water is, There are not diseases and sores.
If there is an internal disease, a patient should drink three sips of this water.
The Transference of Illness to an Animal
To transfer his illness to an animal, a patient should put his saliva or blood on bread, say:
Tsar bread, take my sin, Take my illness, take my pain.
And to feed an animal with this bread.


Magic Healing Ritual Using An Egg

Make a small hole in a fresh white egg. Pour out egg-white and yolk through the hole. Break the shell and very carefully draw a thin white pellicle out the shell. Wrap the pellicle around a middle finger of left hand of an ill person. Wrap a bandage around the finger with the pellicle. Soon, the patient will be have an ague-fit, and when the fit will ended, the illness will go away.


Magic Treatment Using A Ritual Of The Shamans

Cut a head off a big herring. Divide in half its body along. Extract all bones from the body of parted fish. Fasten one part of the herring body to the left bare foot of an ill person and the other part to the right bare foot. These bandages should be remained for all night. In the morning, take off the bandages, wash foots, and throw away the parts of the herring. This treatment will be successful, if it is done on a waning moon.


Healing Ritual For General Well Being

A patient has constant weariness, frequent headache, or any other indisposition, a reason of these can be that there are tears on his energy field. You will need a real needle and an imaginary thread. Hold the needle in the left hand and imagine that you have a thread in the right hand. Thread the needle. Imagine tears on an energy cocoon of the patient, make sew movements with the needle at a distance of one foot from the patient and in those places where you see the tears. You must see that the imaginary tears are sewn with the imaginary thread. Having finished the treatment, hide the needle in a secret place and never use it for any other actions.


Powerful Healing Ritual To Treat A Headache

For a relief of a headache it is necessary to place a yellow cornelian on closed eye. If there is an ache in the right side of the head, place the cornelian on the left eye; if an ache is in the left side, place the gem on the right eye. When an ache spreads over all head, at first, place the cornelian on the left eye, then on right.
Press your fingers to the temples and count from one to thirty. Then throw the hands downwards. As a result, your blood will arrive fast to the head and the ache will disappear.
Grate a lemon with its peel. Place this pulp into an oven. Warm up it a little. Put this warm lemon pulp on the temples, the forehead, and behind of the ears. Or wet a cloth with menthol oil and put it on the temples. Do so when a headache was caused by cold.
Here are simple but effective means. Mix liquid ammonia and camphor oil in equal parts. Smell this mix when there is a migraine.
Wet a cloth with a beet juice and enclose it in an ear on side where there is an ache. Wrap sauerkraut in a gauze and attach it to temples with a bandage.
Collect tops of origanum, grind them between your palms, and inhale their scent. Cut a potato into round pieces. Put those pieces to temples.


Magic Healing Ritual For Toothaches

Tie up a small glass with white woolen thread. Fill this glass to the brim with a warm infusion of sage or yarrow. Rinse your mouth with this infusion, taking sips of it from the tied glass. Fill the glass with new warm infusion and repeat the rinse every half-hour. Do so during the day. Before go to bed, take the thread off the glass and put it onto a threshold. Close a door so that the door has pressed down the thread. If the next morning there is not the ache, throw out the thread on a crossroads. Otherwise, repeat the treatment.
Here are another means. Rub a wrist (a place of a pulse) with a clove of garlic. If a bad tooth is on the right side, rub the left wrist and vice versa. Next, cut very small the garlic and put it on the pulse place on the wrist. Tie round the wrist and the garlic with a bandage. The garlic should be pressed to the wrist tightly. After a time, when the ache has abated, take off the bandage and the garlic. Don’t use the garlic a long time; otherwise, your skin will burn.
Tear up a plantain by the root. Cut this root and place it into a small piece of cloth. Put the cloth in an ear on a side where there is a bad tooth. Instead of a plantain, you can use an
onion. Using an onion, place it into a cloth and put them in an ear on an opposite side from a bad tooth.
Place a rasher of bacon on a bad tooth. Keep it between your cheek and gum, and soon, the ache will abate.
Grate a horseradish or a mustard. Wrap it in a cloth and put it onto a stove. When the cloth has warmed, put it on rear of the neck, lower of the nape.
Wet a cloth with turpentine. Squeeze it well and put on a cheek on a side of a bad tooth.


Magical Siberial Ritual For Protection Of Teeth

Ancient Siberia healers have had secrets of a protection of teeth. It is necessary to find a jawbone with teeth, bring it to your home, hid it in a dry warm place and say:
Bone, protect me from any toothache, And I will protect you from dirt and humidity.
If your tooth has fallen out, go out of doors at night, show this tooth to the Moon and say:
Moon, you go by day and by night,
You see the quick and the dead.
Take this tooth, carry it into a dead country.
In that country, there is neither a grief, nor a joy, Neither an ache, nor a breaking.
As this tooth will not have an ache in that country So its brothers will have neither an ache, nor a fall out. All my words will come true and not be forgotten From now and for all time.
After that, throw the tooth into darkness, in a Moon’s direction, turn round and go home. Don’t look back.



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