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When: on a Tuesday night
Where: in your bathroom
Items needed:
- brand-new bath oil or body wash which ever scent you like: lavender, jasmine, musk, or ylang ylang
- a chopped-up carrot(to represent earthiness and tastiness)
- three small orange candles
Draw a super-hot bath--double the amount of bath stuff you usually use.
Let steam fog up the mirror. With your fingertip write "(your name) is the BOMB!" in the mirror.
Chop the carrot into 3 pieces and float it in the bathwater. Light the candles-don't get in yet it's too hot.
chant: "In this water so from the heat bathe me in water head to feet" (repeat three times)
When the bath as cooled a bit, hop in relax and breathe in the scented bath stuff, for at least 20 min.
Blow out the candles and bury the carrot outside afterwards, and continue using the scent in the
shower or bath every night.


Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it.
Light some vanilla candles and/or incense.
As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say these words:
Earth, Air, Fire, Sea
Let the Goddess' beauty
Shine through me


For when you need to make a big entrance!
For this spell wear colorful clothes, flamboyant and luscious! However if you can't bear to
venture out in anything but black make sure you wear opulent jewelry - stones of topaz,
sapphire and ruby.
Stand in the center of four lit red candles that have been anointed with cinnamon oil.
You need to invoke the blessings of the night when glamour and mystery abound.
"Guardians of the night Bless me so that I radiate a beautiful light
and bewitch all held in my sight."
In your minds eye see the flames leap up and join above your head, spiraling into the
cosmos and know that you are the center of all beauty and glamour in the universe.


It is said that this spell was used by many Witch's long ago.
The origin of this spell was probably based more on myth than fact.
Hand mirror, never used by you. Vervain, 1/4 cup. Eye Bright, 1 pinch.
Yerba Santa Leaves, 1 pinch. Spring water, 1/4 cup.
A piece of red velvet in which to wrap the mirror.
This Spell is done under the waxing Moon or the full Moon.
In your chalice, mix the herbs and spring water, stirring with your Athame, singing the Song For Beauty.
Paint the mirror with this potion, taking care that you do not catch your reflection in it.
Capture in the magic mirror the reflection of Hathor, the Goddess of Beauty,
or any other form of person you wish to resemble. Wrap the mirror in the red
velvet and take it with you to a starlit river or lake. When the surface is calm,
look at your reflection and cast the magic Mirror in the water, shattering your reflection. Say:
"Aphrodite, born of Sea,
Let thy power transfigure me.
Grant to me thy rounded breast,
Slender limb and all that's best
Of hair and eyes and nose and chin,
A smooth, unwrinkled, silken skin
To catch the eye and turn the head
Of any man, that I be wed*
For no man's proof against the Arts
That, through his eyes, reach to his heart.
O Goddess of the form divine,
Make my appearance like to thine!"
Then do a dance upon the shore, to Hathor-Aphrodite, or sing to the stars,
Songs of Beauty. *The line "Of a man, that I be wed" may be changed to "Of him whom I
desire to wed" or "I'll not be scorned but choose instead" or "Of lovers I desire to bed".


Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it.
Light some vanilla candles and/or incense.
As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say these words:
Earth, Air, Fire, Sea Let the Goddess' beauty Shine through me


1 wine glass of water 1 pinch of salt 1 red candle 1 light blue candle
1 red rose (no scars or imperfections for best results) 1 round hand-held mirror
Drop the pinch of salt into the glass of water saying
Beauty be within me. Beauty now set me free.
Carve the symbol of sex into the red candle. Carve a mirror symbol into the light blue one.
Light the two candles, first the light blue one and then the red.
Lay the mirror between the two candles and scry into your reflection.
Drop the rose petals, one by one onto the mirror. After this is done, drink the water and say,
Beauty, beauty come to me. Beauty, beauty set me free.
Let the candles burn down all the way.


Mix a tea of roses, Damiana, Ginger, Dong quai, Coriander, & Primrose flowers.
Place the dry herbs in a green glass jar and place on your altar.
On a night of Venus (Friday), take a bath in Lovage roots and Rose petals, dry yourself and
rub Musk oil into your skin. Go to your altar nude and light a pink candle anointed with
Venus Oil and burn some Aura of Enchantment Incense. Place a small mirror on the altar,
gaze into it deeply and say,
"Soft, my skin as Diana's Smoldering eyes as Aradia, Sensuous as a Goddess.
Figures of fire that shift and change, Change me, now, To a creature of beauty,
Blessed be the Goddess of Love.
Repeat each night for 7 nights, leaving the tea on the altar until the spell is finished,
then drink a cup daily and wash your face with rose water upon waking.


To be done on Friday (Venus' day) at 7:00. Best done on a Waxing moon, or when
the sun or moon is in Libra or Taurus. Draw a romantic bath for one.
Decorate your bathroom with pale green candles and a single red rose.
Run the bath as hot as you can comfortably stand it.
Add to the bath water a mixture of myrtle, and clover oil to honor Venus.
Add one cup of sugar for sweetness, one cup of pink wine for heady intoxication,
and a dash of sandalwood perfume. Enjoy your bath with a special facial and relax.
After you have bathed and washed off the facial, dry your hair, and give the old hundred
strokes hair-brushing routine a magical twist. Let your hair hang down before you.
Sweep a natural boar-bristle brush from your scalp to the ends of your hair.
Have your hand follow the brush as it works its way through.
Focus your attention on your hand, and imagine that you are impregnating your hair with power.
Think, feel, and exude magnetic attraction to your hair with every stroke.
Now, make yourself comfortable and take several deep, relaxing breaths.
Surround yourself with vibrant green light and picture yourself beautiful.
Really get into the image. This is who you are-your magical self-and if you can visualize it,
you can become it. Note what you might do to make the astral you a reality and affirm to do it.
Finally get dressed up in your best clothes, wear emerald, turquoise jewelry (Venus stones) for
extra luck in love. Then hit the town!


Need: a mixture of lemon juice and lavender
Wash your hair in this mixture and let it air dry before an important meet!






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