Free Magic Spells for Friendship, Attracting, Forgiving - Spell To End A Quarrel -True Frienship Spell



Pink Candle Good Luck/Friendship Oil Pink silk Ribbon White Silk Ribbon
Cast the Circle, Arrange altar, Invoke Goddess and God
You will want to anoint the pink with Good Luck oil all the while thinking of the friends you want to make.
Imagine yourself laughing with them, going out with them. Really see yourself with them.
After your candle has been anointed, you may light it. At this point you may call out the things that
are important to you in a friend: honesty, trust, open mindedness, humor, whatever.
As you light the candle, see the flame as being the energy that burns between any two close friends.
When this is completed, take your two pieces of silk ribbon and weave them together.
Simply winding them around each other will do.
While you do this, think of bringing that friend closer to you.
This binding process is reminiscent of pagan handfasting rituals.
You are binding that friend to you, making them loyal to you, a way any good friend should be.
You do not want to bind a specific person to you, as that kind of magic is harmful since is
harms the other person's free will. Only bind the idea of the perfect friend to you.
Once you have done this, tie the ribbon to the base of your candle as best as you can.
The candle's light is a beacon to bring friendship to you and another person.
When this is done, you may wish to sit and meditate on the spell that you have just cast,
sending your energies out to bring that perfect friend to you. When you feel that your spell has
been completed, then it has. Let your candle burn all the way out and release your circle,
thanking the Goddess and the God.



You will need: a picture of your enemy, or a drawing if a photo is not available.
Make sure no one else is in the photo if you use one. Vanilla incense.
Take the picture of your enemy and pass it through the smoke of the vanilla incense.
While doing this say the following 3 times:
Enemy, enemy, turn into friend
let all ill will now come to an end.


--Two candles with the astrological color correspondences of both your signs.
Light both candles. Chant:
Candle shining in the night
With your flame enchanted,
By the powers of magic might
May my wish be granted.
Winds of friendship blow this way, from now until our final day.
This spell that I send is now at an end.
Let the magic I've laid, go forth and not fade! So mote it be!
Sprinkle cinnamon over the candles, watching as it crackles.
Blow out the candles in the direction of your friend's house, so the smoke wafts in his/her direction.
Each morning the following week, have cinnamon toast for breakfast.
And if you can, sprinkle cinnamon on your cappuccino.
And if you like it, chew cinnamon gum. (Are you sensing a theme here?)
If it's in the best interests of the universe, your friend will agree with you during the week.


small piece rhodonite assorted flowers
cauldron filled half-way with water (preferably spring or filtered)
Before the spell begins, decorate your altar with fresh cut flowers in a manner that will allow
them to witness your work. Call upon you're the appropriate deity/spirit of your tradition and
ask them to witness your spell.
Place the stone in the center of the cauldron with water.
Open yourself and allow yourself to feel peaceful.
When you are relaxed, take a step back and while concentrating on the quarrel say.
The time has come for his quarrel to end.
Let anger be released and begin the mend.
Repeat this until you can feel any anger or hurt about the argument floating away.
Collect the flowers and put them in a vase using the water from your cauldron.
Keep them in a place in your home that you go to often and allow then to remind you that all will be well soon.
Give the stone to the other person as a gift.
Try to resolve your differences rationally and if you feel yourself getting angry repeat the chant to yourself.
Your argument should be well on it's way to being over by the time the flowers wilt.


To be done after an argument has occurred between you and a loved one.
Draw two figures on separate sheets of paper-one representing you and the other representing
the other person. Personalize the figures as needed (e.g.. Draw yellow on the head for blond
hair, draw glasses , etc.) Place an unbroken bay leaf on one figure and lay the other figure
face-down on top, creating a sandwich type thing. Say:
"Let the bay leaf take the energy and anger that is between us."
Separate the figures. Pick up the bay leaf and crumple it in the palm of your hand.
While doing so, say:
" As this leaf is broken and blown away,
Let the anger contained within also break and blow away."
Place the figures again on top of each other and say,
"Now there is no anger between us."
Blow the leaf to the wind. Wrap the figures up with a pink ribbon and put in safe place.


Take a brown candle and write your enemy's name on it three times.
Place it a bowl of brown sugar. Light the candle and affirm;
"Your hostility, I'll overcome.
In days of nine, your friendship is mine."
Do this before you go to bed. Allow the candle to burn out while you sleep.
In the morning take what is left of the candle wax and the brown sugar and throw
it in your enemy's yard. Do this for nine consecutive days without fail.


Inscribe a pink candle with your name, then anoint the rose quartz with sunflower oil.
Light the candle. Hold the stone in your hand, and visualize friendships coming your
way and a new relationships forming. Chant three times
open mind, and gain new life,
gone from you, all stress and strife.
open heart, gain life anew.
accept all love that's offered you.
positive thought and word and deed.
enter now, of bane I'm freed
ancient, hear me---grant my plea
to new relationships, open me.
place the stone by the candle, and leave it there until the candle burns down.
carry the stone with you.


Write the name of the one offended on one side of a Popsicle stick, and yours on the other side.
Place the stick in a jar, fill the jar half full with sugar. Chant:
In this sugar we both stand, back to back, but hand to hand,
Change (name of the person's) sour thoughts of me, to sweet forgiving thought, I plead.
Add water untill three fourth full....and say with this water:
I wash away all that keeps us now at bay sugar water,
I now pray let forgiveness come my way
Cap the jar tightly and shake 9 times, saying:
Sugar sweet do your thing and bring (name of the person) forgiveness,
Quickly bring him/her of thoughts of me so sweet
That his/her forgiveness is complete
Shake the jar 9 times each day while saying the last chant.


(A spell to find true love or friendship)
You will need:
A pink candle/red candle (Pink for friendship or red for love, depending on what you want)
A piece of paper (Either red or pink depending on the intent.)
If both can't be found, just use a white sheet of paper)
A pen (Any color ink is fine but it is advisable to use pink for friendship, red for love)
Some rose incense
The spell: This spell must take three days to perform and is best if done at night.
You may wish to wear something red or pink depending on what you want, love or friendship.
The first part of the spell is to find a room that is dimly lit and begin the spell by first lighting
the candle and incense. Close your eyes and meditate, inhale the sweet smell of the rose
incense, feeling as if you are totally surrounded by roses.
Totally relax yourself and free yourself from tension
After feeling totally relaxed, take the piece of paper and the pen and write down what you want
your friend or dream lover to be, whether you want him to be handsome or you want him to be the
quiet type, write everything down. Think about what you want his character to be and write
everything down. Concentrate hard on these characteristics and tell yourself that there is such
a perfect person in the world. You may even wish to write a love poem to strengthen the spell
but please make sure your poem is original as in you wrote it yourself. Once you think that you
have listed everything, look deep into the candle flame of the pink candle and meditate hard
on this person you wish to conjure up. Then before you end the spell, repeat this incantation:
''I conjure thee, I conjure thee
I am the queen, you are the bee
As I desire, so mote it be!"
Perform this spell for three consecutive nights to see if you have any more things you wish to
add to that list. On the third night repeat the same procedure, only that at the end of the spell
you use the flame from the pink candle and burn the whole paper and leave the paper in
a bowl to cool. Then drop three drops of wax on the ashes and spiritually cleanse the ash
by waving rose incense over it. Right after, take a small pouch and empty the ash into the pouch.
Then fill the pouch with a mixture of white and red rose petals and leaves.
Carry the small pouch with you wherever you are to attract this friend or lover you conjured
into your life.

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