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Repeat to each direction (east, west, etc.)
"To you my child, my body is open,
To you my child, my mind is open.
To you my child, my heart is open.
By Earth, Fire, Wind, and Sea,
Into my arms you will be."
(Last two lines are said while looking at your cradled arms).



You will need:
1 watermelon 1 tbs. powdered Palo Dulce 1 cup mixed rice and beans
1 tbs. shredded coconut 2 tbs. fresh basil leaves 1 tbs. anil powder
1 tbs. river water 1 tbs. sea water 2 cups molasses 3 cups olive oil
7 pennies 1 wick Statue of Yemaya
Cut the watermelon in half and scoop the majority of the insides out.
Write you name 7 times on a brown piece of paper. place the paper at
the bottom of the watermelon. place the 7 pennies on the paper. place
the powdered Palo Dulce, rice, and beans, shredded coconut and fresh
basil leaves in the watermelon. pour the river water and the sea
water into the watermelon. pour the molasses into the watermelon. pour
the olive oil into the watermelon. Mix the anil into the olive oil.
Float the wick on top of the oil. Light the wick and allow it to burn
for 7 days. place the watermelon lamp next to the stature of Yemaya. On
the 8th day, bring the watermelon and leave it next to a body of
You may also want to make a lotion by adding: preparation:
place 1 cup of unscented body lotion or body cream in a mixing bowl.
Mix well. 10 drops coconut oil 10 drops chrysanthemum oil
20 drops watermelon oil


"On an egg whose shell is brown or pink,
Sign these signs in grass-green ink.
[a simple sun, a male symbol, an encircled equilateral cross, a female sign,
then an upside-down 5-pointed star]
Bury it deep in an earth-filled pot,
Let this stand where the sun is hot;
Sow on its surface seeds of grass,
Water them well while nine weeks pass
Gather the crop, bind it with thread
Let it hang always above your bed


Patchouli oil Sandalwood incense 2 pine cones
3 wheat heads Green Candle Green marker and paper
Rub the oil on the candle and anoint yourself around the womb area with a drop of oil.
Light the candle and incense and place the pine cones and wheat into a cauldron or container.
Visualize your magickal goal and use the marker to draw yourself on the right hand side of the
paper as you are now - draw yourself as you want to be on the left side (flat belly - pregnant belly
will do just fine) visualize your goal while drawing - when you feel you've visualized enough tear the
paper in half and fold the left side with your goal drawn on it into a small square and place it in your
pocket then light the other paper in the candle flame and place it in the cauldron to burn.
Chant or pray for your goal to be realized as you watch the paper burn. Bury the contents of the
cauldron in your yard - preferable a garden - leave an offering of a small crumb of cake on a crystal
plate for any good spirits or fairies who might happen by.
Stay positive so you don't attract the attention of any jealous or bad fairies!
Keep the paper with your goal drawn on it with you at all times until your wish is granted then
you can place it in a safe place for luck.


To be used in the bath or as a dream pillow to soothe away the discomforts of pregnancy.
1/2 tablespoon lemon balm 1 teaspoon lemon verbena 3 tablespoons lavender
2 tablespoons rose petals 1 teaspoon mugwort 7 drops of pure jasmine oil
Mix together all of the ingredients in your cauldron or a wooden bowl.
Cut a three-inch square piece of light blue cloth (a natural fiber always works best).
Place some of the herbal mixture in the center and tie up the loose ends with some
matching yarn. While doing this, visualize the discomforts being soothed away.
When you're ready, either toss it into a warm bath or hide it in the batting of your favorite
pillow (or, if you want it to stay your favorite pillow for very long, put it in your pillowcase)
and you've got a special dream pillow. Pleasant dreams!


Apple scented body cream string of pearls ( faux are fine)
perform when ovulating take a shower then massage cream into your body pay special
attention to belly imagine that you and your partners hands are glowing w/ a warm golden
light which is filling you stomach with warm all over. Visualize that you are pregnant as you
place the pearls around your neck and repeat the following:
"Precious jewels of lunar, I offer this adornment
in honor of your power let fertile light shine through me. Blessed be"


You will need the following:
--ace of wands, 10 of cups, the SUN,
--something for a baby you bought specifically for this ritual (a bib, a small blanket...etc.....),
--9 red candles.
Light the candles and lay out the tarot cards one by one.
Visualize yourself finding out your pregnant, staring at a positive pregnancy test. Repeat the following:
With these cards and with this spell- I call upon the good and helpful powers.
I desire to start a family - I desire energy and love to continue.
This small item (hold up the baby item) is the token of the commitment we are ready to make.
We are ready to love our children - we are ready to teach our children and we are ready to
have our children. so it is - so it shall be!
Seal this spell with kisses and hugs followed by the actions necessary to start a family.
Seashells represent fertility. She can create a small seashell altar in her bedroom.
If she wants to add a deity, I'd use the Goddess of Willendorf.
Any round and fertile/pregnant goddess will work, and there are many!
Holed stones are also symbols of fertility.
Have her carry one her person or have her wear one around her neck as a charm.
Placing one by the bed or between the matters is also good. Eat healthy!
Diet plays an extreme part in fertility. Use visualization.
She must be relaxed. Also, studies show that when the man and woman climax together,
the woman has a higher chance of conception. Full moons... In tribal times and pre-electricity,
women would ovulate around the Full Moon and menstruate around the Dark or New Moon.
One way to get yourself onto this cycle is to start paying more attention to the phases of
the moon and also going out under the moon for even a minute or two.


Fertility, you might assume from the title that this is a ritual for becoming physically fertile
so you may procreate, and it certainly may be used for that. These days with the problems
of fertility in people who want children this is a valid concern and should be addressed and
this ritual will help with that. The other, and often more frequent, where I am concerned, use
of this ritual is to bring ideas to you. To spark your creative juices, to promote fertility of mind
and spirit, rather than body. There are no differences in the ritual other than purpose.


Moon Phase: Waxing to Full
Time of day: The time you are usually most creative, for me it is the morning
Props: Sandalwood incense for mental fertility, Peach incense for physical fertility.
Tools: Incense burner.
Gods/Goddesses to Call (choose 1 or 2): Diana, Freyer, Ishtar, Liber, Liberia, Brigit, Cerridwen, Cernunnos.
Food and Drink: Salad of shredded carrots, cucumber, and rice with an olive oil and garlic
dressing (served cold, use brown rice) a banana for dessert.
Tea: Peach
Do what you need to do to prepare for ritual. cast a circle and invoke your deities.
State your purpose and goal. Make it VERY specific.
Light your incense. Imagine the incense filling that part of you that you wish fertility to touch.
It must fill you, grow around you and touch every part of you.
Starting in the east you face each of the four directions imploring them:
East: "Watchtowers of Air send your winds to wash the stagnant part of me away"
South: "Watchtowers of Fire send your heat to fire my (brain, womb, loins)"
West: "Watchtowers of Water fill me with fertility
North: "Great Goddess, Mother, I make me as fertile as your rainforests, your oceans
you are fill me with life and hope"
Lie on the floor head toward the north arms and legs outstretched. If you are not alone
have your significant other or coven mates place their hand above your loins (not touching)
or head and send you healing energy.
"Oh great _____ I implore you to fill me with ripened fruit that I may bear __________.
Fill my (womb/loins/mind) with power and light."
Feel your body fill with power. Feel the power emanate from the place you wish to be fertile.
Kneel before your alter: The HPs blesses the food and tea.
You eat the food with your fingers imagining the food feeding that which about you is infertile,
you then drink the tea in one draught. (This is not meant to be a meal, merely fill you with the
energy of the food).
Close your circle in a normal manner. Ground and center.
If you are doing the spell to be physically fertile be sure and have unprotected sex within 24 hours.
*for female physical fertility this spell should be done 14 days after a woman's cycle begins.
For a man it does not matter.


Materials needed:
--Cast off Fur from a Female Cat A Small cloth bag Statue or picture of Kitten
--Also one of Bast Incense of Jasmine or Wisteria
Timing: Whenever necessary preferably before birth pains start.
Set up a little altar or sacred space in a place where it can be left until the birth is completed.
Arrange the statues in the center at the rear of this space.
Light the Incense and say:
Gentle Bast hold me in your loving hands
Let the birth of the coming child be easy
Keep all fear and negativity far from me
Be at my side as the child enters the world
Place my trust in you Bast
Gently brush the cast off fur against your cheeks, thinking of Bast's love and goodness.
Put the fur into the bag and leave it by the statue on the altar. Leave it there until the birth is over.
Whenever you feel or dread of the coming birth, open the little bag and breathe you fears gently into it.

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