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Take a white candle and rub olive oil on it while chanting
"Power, power come to me"
Visualize the area in which you want the power. Do this for 10 mins.
Repeat with a black candle. Light them both and let them burn down.
Next morning you should be able to generate fire/power that is required.


Practice putting on the energy of______.
If you want to have more money, practice putting on the energy of abundance.
Visualize yourself in a cloak that is filled with the energy of abundance, or whatever
else you want to experience in your life. If you want to be more gregarious, imagine
putting on a cloak that makes you friendlier. Practice putting on various forms of positive energy.
Practice feeling emotional energy fields around you. Notice all the details and all the
sensations that your mind would normally filter out about the events around you.


Over your cup of tea, move your hand in a clockwise direction 3 times and say:
"I am the tool you are the fire
fill this cup with all I desire." Swirl the tea in the cup and drink it.


Materials: A bright red or orange candle, a spicy incense, a glass of clear pure cold water,
and a bowl of sea salt. If is sunny out you may want to start the spell by going outside for
a few minutes and breathing in some fresh air. Sit in front of the candle and say:
"Give me energy to happily complete the task I have been given to do.
I will feel better for having done it. The completion of the task will be my reward."
Sprinkle the sea salt around the candle and say,
"Give me strength, O sacred Earth."
Pass your hand near the candle and say
"Give me strength O sacred Fire."
Pass your hand through the smoke of the incense and say,
"Give me strength, O sacred Air."
Drink the water down and say
"Give me strength O sacred water."
Now immediately get up and go do your task.


For a spell to tap into the Capricornian urge to build, you will need an 8 * by 11inch
piece of graph paper and a pencil or a pen. On a Saturday, write down as specifically
as you can what it is that you wish to build. Include also the boundaries that must be
set, and the foundation that you need to create. Draw the symbols of Saturn (V) and
Capricorn (a) on the paper, then write a list of your ancestors on the back of the paper.
Each day, fill in one line of boxes by coloring them in with colored pencils as your burn
your favorite incense. Repeat your intentions mentally or aloud as your work on the paper.
After you complete each line, fold the paper into a square and place under a bowl that
contains salt and dirt.
When your desire manifests, bury the paper, the salt, and the dirt in your backyard.


This is to help you rid yourself of other people's negative energies that might have rubbed off on you.
Visualize a tiny hole in the small of your back.
Move the negative energy down toward the hole and let it drain out into the Earth.
Continue to do this until you feel it all drain out. Close the hole and embrace yourself.
Visualize white light all through your body.


Make or buy a small cotton draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep.
Put in equal parts of each of the following: Rosemary Lavender Camomile Quartz
During the Full Moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it.
Inhale the scents when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
These herbs will act to soothe you if you are feeling stressed or frazzled and will help
you focus your mind to deal with the problem at hand.


These are especially good measures to take when moving into a new place, beginning
ritual activities in a new space, or to release bad feelings when an inhabitant has been
sick or has died.
To cleanse a single room - on top of a newspaper, set a blue candle. Surround with a circle of salt.
Burn a little sage in the room. Light the candle, making sure it won't tip over.
Close the door and let the candle burn down.
When finished, take newspaper, salt, and candle leaving and bury far from your home.
To cleanse a house - select four corners. set four candles: north - black, east - white, south -
purple or dark red, west - blue.
Sprinkle a little salt at each doorway and window. Burn sage in each room, paying special
attention to windows and doors. Strew fragrant herbs (rosemary, basil, lavender, others
you like or consult a reference) and sweep them up with the salt.
Cast the swept herbs out your front door. You may want to sweep them off your porch so they
aren't on your property anymore.


This is best used at the end of a spoken or written spell.
This adds a certain boost to the releasing of energy.
It also works best if you are wearing a Pentagram you have attuned to yourself.
Speak these word with all the fibers of your body while releasing the spell's energy:
By the Pentagram I wear,
Water, Fire, Earth, and Air,
Ruled by Spirit as All should be
As I speak So Mote It Be!


The following chant is a good all purpose chant that can be used for just about any spell:
Witches power burning bright, tarot, rune and blade,
Charge the spell, enfilled with might, here and now the magic's made.
Wave and tree, hedge and flame, strength of the elements gather here,
to bless this work and charge it well, to complete the spell now far or near.
Mystic Moon and Brilliant Sun, send your power here this way,
Gracious Lady, Mighty Lord, bless this charge that I lay.
Powers that are, powers that be, gather round this spell I cast,
empower my working three times three, send it forth to see it last! So Shall it Be!


Items Needed: purple candle pen and paper vegetable oil fireproof dish cayenne pepper
Inscribe the candle with your name, then draw the infinity symbol (a horizontal figure 8),
both above and below your name. Anoint the candle with vegetable oil and roll it in cayenne pepper.
Write a brief description of the situation on the paper and place it under the candle holder.
Light the candle and say:
"Wax and herb, now bring me power
That grows with every passing hour.
Bring control back unto me.
As I will, so mote it be!
Let the candle completely burn down, then burn the paper in the fireproof dish.
Flush the ashes down the toilet, or bury them under a tree.


Begin this (9) nine day ritual on a Monday. Using a White Candle
(charge/anoint the candle for all intent and purpose)
I cleanse, anoint, then charge my candle with this incantation:
"Cleansed and Blessed Are Thee,
Now to Perform Thy Service for Me"
Having prepared yourself according to your custom: Repeat nine times this spell:
Foolish I was, Wise I Now Am.
A Light of Hope I See Which Stands Before Me;
It's Flame Releases Me From This Predicament.
O Lady, I am Grateful O Lady, I Thank Thee -
I Am Free. I Am Free; O Lady, I Thank Thee.
Alternatively, you may also read Psalm 119 Verses 49 to 56 (only) ... (18) eighteen times.
If the Predicament was rather a large blunder or error in judgement a copy of the two
is most effective to get release from the situation.


This simple spell can be used for any purpose - whether it be to empower a person,
to heal them, to bind them etc. Simply choose the appropriate color candle and scribe
the person's name and your intent upon it. Anoint it with an appropriate oil.
Light the candle and while watching it burn, repeat the following chant,
focusing upon your intent as you do so.
Powers that be, Powers of 3, Let X be all I see.


To improve your own work productivity, during the waxing Moon place one hematite in
a small basket or tray and enchant it by saying:
"Ground and heal, magnetic one; bring me clarity on this day."
Add a quartz crystal to the contained and say:
"Bring boundless energy to me; may it last through this day."
Add a calcite and say:
"Stone of joy and yellow light, help me sort through my work today."
Place the container of stones on your desk and say:
"Help me work through this day; bring me inspiration.
And when the day is done, may the labor be finished."


Empower an acorn with the following chant & carry it on your person during difficult times.
"Little seed with cap so fine, Grant your strength & make it mine.
Make me as sturdy as your tree. As I will, so mote it be!"


Purify area, cast circle, etc. Burn a white candle for yourself, and say:
"O Lady of shimmering beauty,
For whom the stars are shining jewels
And the Universe Her creation and plaything,
Weaver of destinies and Protectress of things wild and free
Make me now, I do ask, to be thy daughter
Make me one with thee and grant me thy far-flung power
Grant to this, thy Witch and Sorceress
Strength within and without.
As eternal as the boundless sea,
The calm assurance of my powers
To make any do my bidding,
And the winds, waters, and fires,
The hills themselves lend willingly themselves to me.
Give to me, who am of thy ancient Craft
The wisdom of ages, the lore of eons,
Knowledge of light, knowledge of dark.
Grant me beauty ever more perfect
That I may reflect thee better.
Build magic within me, build power within me.
Power be drawn and power come.
And make me one with thee.
Make me greater, make me better
Grant me strength and grant me power.
O Goddess who is my friend and mother,
I give you love and thanks
O Beautiful One, may the magic I have summoned
Return the stronger when I have need of it
So mote it be!"

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