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Gather freshly cut parsley and place it in a pan of water. Let it soak for nine minutes,
and then sprinkle the water throughout the house while visualizing a calm environment.
Peace will be restored.


Uphold the rules of the Wiccan Rede.
Be high in spirit ye shall succeed.
Power of the Elements Five,
Will help Mother Nature stay alive.
From grains of Earth to the moving Air.
Past the burning Fire that magic flares.
Flow with Water, lakes, and streams;
Around the Spirit's aura and dreams.


Incense, air of high refine, purify this space of mine.
purged and purified be this place that I have chosen as magickal space.
Herbs of Mother Earth give blessings here to me, this rite, this sacred sphere.
Protect and cleanse this sacred place Hallow it now as my magickal space.
Walk around the space you're cleansing with the lit incense chanting this,
hands up to the moon/sun/sky moving clockwise in a circle.
Do this at least 3 times or until you feel all energy is positive.


Home-cleansing methods are of great importance in African-American hoodoo folk-magic.
Here is a simple procedure for blessing a new home and ridding a house of any unwanted
spiritual influences.
Wash down the wood work and floors with Chinese Wash (or Van Van Oil in water) from back
to front and out the front door and throw the remaining wash water out the front door or in the front yard.
If there is no front yard, carry some of the wash water to the nearest street intersection or crossroads
and throw it to the East.
Then use a brand new broom to sweep the house from back to front and out the front door.
Some folks also like to sprinkle Van Van Powder at the front threshold and sweep that away from the house.
After cleaning as above, put down pinches of salt in the corners of each room or, if you
are in a hurry, four pinches of salt at the four outside corners of the house.


This spell will refresh and cleanse you. To begin, cast a circle in your bathroom.
Call the elements, and light a lavender colored candle.
Then blend in a muslin bag a teaspoon each of lavender flowers, chamomile flowers,
and dried crushed rosemary. Hang the sachet under the faucet, and draw your bath
water, allowing it to pour down through the herbs. Add a half cup of lemon juice to the bath.
When you settle into the tub, lean back, relax, and take three deep breaths.
Close your eyes and focus on the excess tension and stress in your body.
Feel the herbs and lemon draw it out of your muscles and mind. Thoroughly clean your
tub when you are done to remove any residue of negative energy from the bath water.


When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:
"Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand."


To make an herbal cleansing bottle, pour a layer of sand in a large clear bottle.
Add layers of dried herbs, one at a time: first rosemary; then lemon peel, sage, cedar,
black peppercorns, lavender, dill, bay leaf, and rowan.
When the bottle is full, focus cleansing protective energy into the herbs and sand,
and see a golden light radiating from the bottle.
Visualize the herbs driving away negative influences.
Cork and seal the bottle with white wax.
Using a permanent marker, draw the Algiz rune on one side of the bottle, and on the
other side draw a pentagram.
Set the bottle near your front or back door, and every six months, uncap,
Pour herbs out into the woods or your compost heap, and thoroughly wash
and dry the bottle before filling it with a new round of herbs.


Incense: 1 tablespoon pine needles 1 tablespoon juniper 1 tablespoon cedar
Make sure all ingredients are completely dry. Grind ingredients together and burn on charcoal.
Spirits of the corners,
Winds of the quarters,
You who stand watching,
And you who hear my voice,
Guard well my home tonight


Before dawn, take a branch from any tree.
Thank the tree for its gift and leave a coin or semi-precious stone at its base in payment.
Next, obtain several brightly colored flowers on long stalks.
Tie these flowers to the branch to fashion a sort of broom, then sweep the floor in every room
of the house, visualizing the flowers of the broom absorbing negativity and "evil" as you work.
Then, still before sunrise, leave the broom at the crossroads.
Traditionally this ritual is repeated at the first of each month.


With this broom, tool of my will, I do cleanse, purify and prepare this space.
From this circle now I banish all fear, malice and misfortune,
that this circle may be a fit meeting place for gods and men.
As I do will, so mote it be.


1 tbls bicarbonate soda 5 drops essential oil juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp. good oil, such as sweet almond ½ cup sea salt
Stir the soda, essential oil, lemon juice and oil together and then blend in the salt.
Dissolve in the bath water.
Light 4 candles (colors of your choice) and place at the 4 corners of the tub.
Step slowly into the bath water, feeling it envelope around you. Close your eyes.
Visualize yourself laying on the surface of the ocean. There is nothing around you, you are alone and at peace.
Feel the warmth of the sun beating down on you. Say either out loud or quietly to yourself:
Be Comforted, All is well Now you are blessed.
You have life to nurture and nurture you.
Be calm. Be easy. Be Comforted. You are blessed.


Bread is offered to the household guardians as a libation, and the salt is kept in the
heart of the home to ground any evil that might enter. After you do this, burn a purifying
or protecting incense such as frankincense, cinnamon, or pepper moving it from room to
room while you visualize any negativity fleeing from your home. As you go, chant over and
over your words of power:
Smoke of air and fire and earth
Cleanse and bless this home and hearth
Drive away all harm and fear
Only good may dwell in here


Boil water in a copper cauldron and mix in sea salt. Stir 3 times deosil and say,
"May the goddess enter the water/May the goddess make it pure."
then leave to cool in the garden in a sunny spot...say,
"May Apollo's rays fill you with power"
Add a quartz crystal to the cauldron or pot. It should take an hour or so. Take your
wand-to-be on a full moon and place it in the cauldron with the water. Burn incense.
Do outside (preferably naked). Take the quartz and smash it into a powder.
Drop some into the flames. Say:
"May Apollo's light be released"
Throw rest into cauldron. Stir 3 times deosil with wand. Say:
"Wand of willow/Wand of life/You shall me follow/Through all strife! So mote it be!"
Allow the wand to dry on your window sill...the whole spell should have been done in a
magic circle of sunflowers, gold/red gemstones and a crystals or rose quartz.
Now your Wand is blessed and ready to be used in place of an athame.
Before adding to cauldron, inscribe any symbols you want on you wand first.
And do it when it is the New Moon.


After Chakra cleansings in the evening by the ocean or a large body of water like a river
or lake or pond. As the sun sets so your bad fortune will drain away.
Hold a stone or object that you find and feel is appropriate and project all the nasty slimy
and inky feeling you picked up from this person into it. Really focus on letting all your
emotions about it as well and let them flow into the rock. When you have done this say:
"I release this astral slime
And all darkness which is not mine
I let go of all that may have harmed
My aura is bright all negativity released
And I am charmed"
Now throw the rock into the water preferably as the sun drops below the horizon and
be conscious of its fading light taking away your bad feelings from this person.
You can do this spell on then first night of the waning moon (after a full moon) for
seven nights if you really feel tainted. Also Place 1/2 cup vinegar, a bunch of fresh
or rosemary and 1 tablespoon of sea salt in your bath. Light a white and a blue candle.
Imagine yourself surrounded by blue light, giving you positive energy.
Visualize all of the negative energy and astral slime leaving your body through every pore.


Light a cinnamon incense stick in the center of the room and walk to the
north east corner or wall. Say:
"Earth and air, purify to good, blow away evil."
Draw a pentagram of smoke and use the incense stick to stab through the
center. Walk to the Southeast corner of the room and say:
"Air and fire, blow away evil, burn away pain."
Repeat the pentagram and stab the center, then walk to the Southwest part of
the room. Say:
"Fire and water, burn away pain, wash away fear."
Repeat pentagram and stab. Walk to the Northwest part of the room and say:
"Water and earth, wash away fear,
bury all negativity, purify to good."
Repeat pentagram and stab. Walk to the center of the room. Point incense
stick to the sky and say:
"As Above..." Now drop an ash from the incense and say: "So Below"

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