Free Magic Spells To Bless your Home, Books And Self-Honor House Spirits-Blessing Water And Magic Oil



Bake a fresh loaf of bread.
Hold it up to the moon and ask the lady to bless the bread as well as the relationship.
Break off a piece of the bread for your partner, as well as one for yourself as well.
As you share time together, share the bread as well.
Do not cut the bread with a knife or any other cutting tool.
Just break off the pieces with your hands.
Adding butter or jam might be a good idea to help sweeten things up a bit.


Home-cleansing methods are of great importance in African-American hoodoo folk-magic.
Here is a simple procedure for blessing a new home and ridding a house of any unwanted
spiritual influences.
Wash down the wood work and floors with Chinese Wash (or Van Van Oil in water) from back
to front and out the front door and throw the remaining wash water out the front door or in the front yard.
If there is no front yard, carry some of the wash water to the nearest street intersection or crossroads
and throw it to the East.
Then use a brand new broom to sweep the house from back to front and out the front door.
Some folks also like to sprinkle Van Van Powder at the front threshold and sweep that away from the house.
After cleaning as above, put down pinches of salt in the corners of each room or, if you
are in a hurry, four pinches of salt at the four outside corners of the house.


Preparation: At the time of the Full Moon, take your Book of Shadows (one that
hasn't been written in yet) and some incense (pennyroyal, anise or rue) outside.
Ritual: Under the light of the Full Moon, draw a pentagram on the first page and under this
write the following information: date, time, place, your magical name (and sigil if you have one),
the moon's phase and any other info you feel is important. Hold the book up to the Moon and say:
"Here as the Full Moon shines upon me,
Bless this Book I've made tonight.
I humbly ask this of thee,
Underneath your most sacred light."


When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:
"Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand."


-- Pentagram Compass Rosemary Lavender Snap lock bag
Glue the Pentagram to the compass, "Spirit" point north. Place everything into bag, and bury in
center of building or middle of door. Pentagram pointing north. Cast a circle, Chant the spell.
Goddess and God bless this house, Keep it free from bug or mouse.
For good or bad, dark or light, Those unwelcome will feel thy might.
Protect me as I do thy will, here you are master for good or ill
Goddess and God hear my prayer So Mote it Be!
Concentrate on the Spell until you feel the power flowing, Then break the circle and finish.


I will serve the Great Goddess,
And give reverence to the Great God,
I am a Pagan, A stone in the ancient circle,
Standing firmly, Balanced on the earth,
Yet open to the winds of heaven,
And enduring through time,
May the old gods witness my words


Find the center point of the house. If there is more than one level, then use the stairs as the center.
Take a cup of red wine and take a sip at each turn. Drain the cup at the end Face the East saying:
Lady of Love and power and all blessings, breathe Love into this house. Fill the air with good.
Through you and in you, I bless this house.
Face the South saying:
Lady of Love and living and all blessings, warm this house with comfort. Make whole its hearth.
Through you and in you, I bless this house.
Face the West saying:
Lady of tide and time and all blessings, let every hour flow sweetly in this house. Make pure its tides.
Through you and in you, I bless this house.
Face the North saying:
Lady of earth and stability and all blessings, plant security within this boundary. Make strong its defences.
Through you and in you, I bless this house.
Turn to all four points twice more and repeat each time: You are blessed


" Oh Great Ones, My Goddess and my God, I call upon you, In need of your help,
Bless this water, (Hold up small bowl of water.)
Bless this water, With you power, With you purification, With you healing powers,
Bless this water (put bowl down, and now use the water for power, purification and healing)
With the water you so blessed, May this harm none,
The spell is done, So mote it be and blessed be ."


Bread is offered to the household guardians as a libation, and the salt is kept in the
heart of the home to ground any evil that might enter. After you do this, burn a purifying
or protecting incense such as frankincense, cinnamon, or pepper moving it from room to
room while you visualize any negativity fleeing from your home. As you go, chant over and
over your words of power:
Smoke of air and fire and earth
Cleanse and bless this home and hearth
Drive away all harm and fear
Only good may dwell in here


Dwelling of Stone, Metal, Wood and Earth
Silent One, Protective One, you of the four winds
Dwelling of Health, Wealth Joy and Peace:
Guardian Sustained you of the Earth
Dwelling of Stone Metal Wood and Earth
Secure One Peaceful One
You of the Guarded and protected you be
Cleansed and pure you be
Peaceful and loving you be
It is finished in Beauty
It is finished in Beauty
It is finished in Beauty


If you want to do a spell to comfort [a sick friend], try making a witch's ladder.
Take a long blue cord or ribbon, and collect 7 symbols to hang from it -- things like
Grey feathers for protection during sleep, sprigs of healing herbs, garlic for healing
and protection, small talismans, conjure bags, charms you get the idea. The important
thing is that the symbols should represent comfort, protection, and healing. Tie them to
the cord and charge it with comforting power.


--1 to 4 lavender blossoms --2 drops each sage, basil, patchouli essential oil
--Carrier oil (can be olive used for protection, almond, sunflower, etc.)
Choose a small dark vial. Place all but the oil in the vial together, then add enough oil to fill the bottle.
Shake thoroughly. Use for anointing ritual candles, self, consecrating tools, etc.
Lavender is there for purification, happiness, love, and peace; Basil brings protection and love;
Sage brings purification, protection, healing, wealth, longevity;
Patchouli brings prosperity, wards off evil and negativity, aids divination.
All of these are desirable generic attributes so makes a good blend for general purposes.
Great for keeping on your personal altar for magical workings.


Prepare your home and yourself for the onset of spring by first cleaning house the conventional way.
As you do, meditate on the mental debris you need to clean out as well.
Then, when you're ready, take up your ritual broom, start at the front door and sweep all
around the house, visualizing all unwanted things being swept away by your magickal broom.
When you return to the front door, open it wide and sweep this stuff away.
Now light a white candle and carry it around your home.
Visualize a light of peace and newness spreading around you and your home.
Make a circle of light before each window and door, asking the blessings of the Goddess
and the God on your home and all who dwell within it.


To convert the senses This blessing gives the body more connection with the spirit.
It may also help with your readiness to channel. To be done at night in the moon's view.
Extravagance is not appreciated. Light a large white candle.
Burn sandalwood and basalm and pine. Prepare a bowl of water sprinkled with salt.
Put this before you and touch it to each part of your body.
To the eyes
Bless my eyes that I might have clarity of vision
To the mouth
Bless my mouth that I may speak the truth
To the ears
Bless my ears that I may hear all that is spoken and not
To the heart
Bless my heart that I may be filled with love
To the uterus
Bless my womb that I may be in touch with my creative energy that stems from the universe
To the feet
Bless my feet that I may find and walk my own true path
Fill yourself with understanding, and from that love.
Extinguish candle when done (can be used for other purposes).


Hearken as the Witch's word
Calls the lady and the lord
Moon above and earth below
Sky's cool blue and sun's hot glow
In this right and ready hour
Fill these pages with thy power
May no unprepared eye to see
The secrets which trusted be
To I who walk the hidden road
To find the hearthstone's calm abode
Guardians from the four directions
Hear me and lend thy protection
May these truths of Earth and skies
Shaded be from prying eyes
But to the witches whose map this be
May the way be plain to see
And through all the coming ages
May we find home in these pages
So mote it be!

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