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First Timers Love Spell




There’s no need to perform the usual rituals apart from consecrating the
things you are going to use to cast this spell, which is designed for those
who have never been in love before.

You will need:
A fresh, fragrant red rose
Several red candles
The night you make the magic, establish the time the sun will rise next
morning and just before you go to bed, put the red rose on your altar
with a red candle on either side of it. Set your alarm for a few minutes
before sunrise.

On awakening, take the rose outside, face the dawn (or if you live in a
flat, stand before an open window facing east) and say:

Red rose, true love’s flower,
Please lend me your power,
To give someone my heart,
And never shall we part.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Put the rose back in its place on the altar and light the two candles. Spend
a minute or two focused on the flames, visualizing love warming the
heart of the one you desire. Repeat the ritual each night until the rose
fades, using the flames of the dying candles to light new ones. When the
rose dies, extinguish the candles either by snuffing them with your
fingers or with a candle snuffer and bury the dead flower. As it rots in
the ground, love will be kindled in the heart of your chosen one and they
will soon make themselves known to you.



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