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Anti Cheating Spell - Prevent Your Lover From Cheating




This spell is cast to keep your partner faithful if you think he or she may
be tempted from the marital bed. It is intimate and brief because the
ingredients include two freshly laundered items of underwear – a pair of
your own and a pair belonging to your partner.

You will need:
Two nutmegs
A pair of your underwear
A pair of your partner’s underwear
Some wide red ribbon
A large envelope (white if possible)
A bolline or burin

Inscribe your name on one of the nutmegs and your partner’s name on
the other. That done, bind them together with the ribbon, saying these,
or similar words as you do so:
As I bind these fruits of tree
Lover, never stray from me.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Wrap the nutmeg in both pairs of underwear and put them in the
envelope. Slip this under his or her side of the bed. (If you put it under
the pillow, they would almost certainly feel it and wonder what you’ve
been up to!) But when they are away, you can remove it and put it under
your pillow.



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