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There are only two ways to get special magical power — either was born with it or to try to develop it. And for the final result, the second way does not concede to the first.
We have many examples when people with bright abilities do not suspect about them at all, and only having begun to develop them, they find in themselves new abilities and forces. Let's notice that each person has magical abilities, but someone has them “on a surface” and at someone, they are deeply latent. Therefore, for someone is easy to look into himself and at once to receive a necessary answer, others need time and great tenacity for long quest. In any case, not doing attempts, you never learn your secret sides and the latent abilities. Having started motion and search, you not be able to remain without changes.

Making various magical actions, you will use energy of the four elements of nature: the Water, the Fire, the Earth, and the Air. And to operate with these energies you will be by means of your Imagination, Faith and Will. Of these three aspects — the faith in yourself and in your actions, the imagination that creates real pictures of possible events, and the will which directs your ideas in a necessary direction — consists a base of a mental influence on spiritual and real world. To these three beginnings of a magical reality it is necessary to add the fourth magical constant — the Secrecy which raises the Faith, strengthens the Will and gives rise to latent images of your Imagination.
Therefore, your first task is to learn to use all aspects of your mind, and to find out how to receive energy from ambient space.


The Magical Will - Inner Power

The most effective method of the development of the will is a focusing of the attention.
Place a candle on a table. Give a flame to the wick. Surround yourself with silence, comfort and calmness. Focus your attention on the flame. Look only at the flame, don’t remove the stare from it. Think only of this fiery substance. Become completely indifferent to all others. Don’t distract and don’t blink. Try to prolong this exercise as it is possible longer. Repeat exercise several days, and very soon, you will notice how it will be easy for you to focus the attention on other subjects and objects.

This focusing of the attention must become your everyday practice. Not necessarily to choose for this exercise any determined time. As soon as you have opportunity, focus the attention on any motionless object: a pen, a lighter, a book, a picture, etc. Imagine that this object is the most important in all over the world. This object must become for you only one object in the Universe. Nothing is able to distract you from contemplation its appearance, and sensation of its internal essence.

Next time, concentrate your will and attention on moving objects. Keep your eyes glued on a second hand of a watch. Focus on a person who going by you. Unnecessary that your focusing lasted too long. Eventually, you must learn quickly “switch on” and “switch off” your attention.

Here are others exercises. Read a book when there are many surround sounds, don’t distract, and clear understand what you read. Try to draw a circle by the right hand and a square by the left hand at the same time. Do it without participation of your will, and if you’ll fail, take a volitional decision — “necessarily to do it” — and actually achieve a success.

Try by effort of the will to create different emotions, moods and sensations for yourself. Feel a joy, a fun, an excitement, a fear, an anger, a fury and a delight. This experience will necessary when you’ll want to influence on somebody — making magic, you must to feel the same feelings that you want to inspire in other people.
By effort of the will compel yourself to see any object which there isn’t in your field of vision: for example, a flame of a candle or a person familiar to you. And here your will becomes a part of your imagination that able to move you to another time and another dimension.



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