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For fulfillment of your wish or change of a situation in your favor, use that element of nature which most suitable for achievement of a specific goal. Here is the general list of the elements and situations in which their power can be useful for you.

The Water — happiness, confidence, peace, reconciliation, patience, spirituality, peace of mind, rest, satisfaction, fidelity, prediction, intuition and flexibility of thinking, skill to make a compromises, charm, emotionality, marriage, strengthening of love unions and friendly relations, harmony in a house, partnership, reflection of mental attacks, healing, cleaning from negative powers, elimination of bad spells and pernicious habits.

The Earth — money, success, prosperity, growth, benefit, surplus, fertility, employment, action, behavior, any business, medical practice, healing and restoration, carnal love, sexual power, reliability, stability, architecture, fashion, history and agriculture, protection against brute power influences, keeping secrecies.

The Fire — physical strength, strong emotions, sex, passion, hatred, anger, fearlessness, courage, defense and attack, ability to influence on people, ambition, sports, competition, rivalry, career, professional success, conflicts, disagreements, enmity, struggle and victory, elimination of gossip and lie, recovery of health, physical protection.

The Air — intellect, idea, eloquence, intuitive thinking, wisdom, memory, training, learning, dexterity, cunning, analytical skills, creativity, hobbies, various sciences and all kinds of art, confidence, communications, contacts, travels, independence, generosity, liberation, prediction and clairvoyance.

For example, if you want to have the more passion and sex with your lover you must
choose energy of the fire element. If you need reconciliation, choose the water element. Difficulties for money — use power of the Earth. When creative forces are necessary for you, derive them from contact with the air element.

First, make ritual of perception of the element energy as it is described in the Chapter Two of this book. Imagine that your body and mind are amalgamating with the necessary element of nature. Concentrate all your power in the palms. Hold the hands in front of you, palm to palm, and imagine that power issues from them, that a luminous sphere forms between your palms. Color of the sphere is corresponding to power of the element with which you work: the Earth — green, the Air — yellow, the Fire — red, the Water — dark blue. When the sphere has amounted to the necessary capacity and the size, direct this bunch of power in the imaginary direction of your goal. If fulfillment of your wish depends on only your personal skills and abilities, direct the sphere inside yourself. Repeat this ritual each day until then the goal will be achieved.



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