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Meaning Of Candle Colors Used In Magic Spells




Have you ever performed a magical ritual? Did you make magic of fulfillment of wishes at least once? The many will tell “No”, and they will be not right. A blowing out candles on a birthday cake and a making a wish at this moment is the real magic ritual. Making this action, you use all main principles of magic, create mental images of the wishful future — use imagination, and make physical transformation — transform energy of a flame from one condition in another.

Light a candle. Place your palms around of it. Connect the finger-tips of the left and right hand – thumb with thumb, forefinger with forefinger — by that you create “magic circle” in the centre of which is the flame of the candle. Look at the flame and think of your desire and ways of its fulfillment. Feel an increasing concentration of energy in inside space of your magic circle. After a time, when you will feel that tension of energy has culminated, blow out the candle. Close the palms above the candle and catch a disappearing smoke. Quickly move your hands forward and open the palms – you as if throw away something from your hand. At the same time, imagine that, doing this, you direct magic power in necessary direction for fulfillment of your desire.
In each specific case of fulfillment of a desire, use a candle of the appropriate color.

White color comprises all colors and can be used for all positive purposes — for general protection, mental and physical cleaning, making peace, for truth, spirituality, sincerity, unanimity, astuteness, and dedication, for any achievements in affairs, in feelings and in relations.

Black is absence of color. Such candles are used for harmful influences, manifestations of brute physical force, negativity, discord, quarrel, confusion, loss, punishment and retribution. At the same time, black color is a symbol of an outer space and can be used for the positive purposes — for deliverance from negative powers, illnesses and pernicious habits, for absorption of negativity, eradication of evil and returning of the missed opportunities.

Red candle for life and death, creation and destruction, punishment, retribution and reconciliation, for love, passion, sex, courage, protection and aggression, for attractive power, career, preservation of health, physical force and energy.

Purple candle for development of magical abilities, prevision, clairvoyance, wisdom, for meditation and contact with supreme forces of nature, for healing of serious illnesses, acceleration of healing of physical and mental wounds.

Pink candle for all emotional things — for romantic love, marriage, friendship, affinity, compassion, spiritual awakening, healing of mental anguish, overcoming of evil, entertainment and exultant mood.

Orange is energy in pure form. Use this candle for attraction of feelings, desires and
events, for increase of personal physical force, rising courage, adaptability to the environment, meeting with approval, obtaining quick promotion and decision of legal problems.

Yellow candle for development of intelligence, memory, imagination, eloquence, inspiration, for all things connected with art, creativity, education, for development of new plans, actions, movement, for reliability of vehicles, successful safety travel, for a prediction and clairvoyance.

Green candle for material and financial success — money, luck, employment, progress, prosperity, wealth, commercial papers, for recovery of health and good physical state, also for good crops and harvest, for marriage and family affairs.

Dark blue candle for peace, happiness, patience, loyalty, understanding, wisdom, accuracy, composure, for development of creative force, inspiration, good health, protection, harmony in the house, for prophetical dreams, astral travel, positive or negative mental influence, contact with mysterious, also for making harmful magic and neutralization of harmful magic, for creation or elimination of evil, malicious gossip and lie.

Brown candle for needs of an agriculture, protection of domestic animals, veterinary science, for affairs connected with the real estate, for attraction of financial success, balance of forces, for decision of family problems.

Grey candle for neutralization of something, cancellation of agreements and decisions, for balance of forces, establishment of legality, for search of regularity and the necessary sequence, for creation of indifference to something and maintenance of neutrality.

Gold candle for glory, luck, grandiose success, for riches, prosperity, fertility, protection, for development of intuition, common understanding and acquisition of protection of supreme forces.

Silver candle for meditation, development of personal magical powers, mental abilities, intuition, inspiration, for reception of astral energy, maintenance of stability and elimination of negativity.

Warning: making any actions with candles, do not leave them without control that they not become the reason of a casual fire.



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