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Love Spell - Candle Magic




This spell draws its inspiration from the old English folk song that goes:
Lavender Blue dilly, dilly, Lavender Green.
I’ll be your King, dilly, dilly,
If you’ll be my Queen.
Cast it before you go on a first date
with a new friend who may or may
not turn out to offer more than

You will need:
A lavender candle
A small piece of rose quartz
After you have bathed and dressed and
are all ready to go, light the candle and focus on
the flame for a moment or two, visualizing how good it would be if this
first date led to much greater things.

Now say the following or similar words:
Lavender blue, Lavender green,
In romantic light let us be seen.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

The words spoken, circle the rose quartz crystal three times clockwise
round the flame before extinguishing it between a finger and thumb.
Slip the crystal into a pocket or handbag to take the power of the spell
with you on the date.



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