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Magic Spell To Reverse Hurt Feelings




Cast this spell on a Friday, the day sacred to Venus, when you have been
let down in love and you think your heart will never mend. It will. Some
of the ingredients may have to be specially bought: make sure that they
are consecrated before you use them.

You will need:
A teabag of strawberry tea
A willow wand
Sea salt
Two pink candles
A mirror
A pink drawstring bag
A crystal of quartz
A copper coin

A crystal bowl that has some sentimental value to you
One teaspoon of orris root powder
One teaspoon of dried jasmine
One teaspoon of yarrow
A small handful of strawberry leaves
Ten drops of apple blossom essential oil
Ten drops of strawberry essential oil

Place one of the pink candles at the end of a bath and start to fill it with
warm water. With the water running, prepare a cup of strawberry tea.
When the bath is ready, light the candle and soak in the warm water
until you feel relaxed enough to weave the spell. As you dry off, sip the
strawberry tea and then dab the strawberry oil around your face.
Make your way to your altar and cast a circle with the willow wand. Now
light the second pink candle and put the other ingredients into the bowl.

Stir them thoroughly, saying as you do:
Mother Earth I ask you for nurture and protection.
Give me the confidence to use the strengths I have.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.
When everything is thoroughly mixed, look at your reflection in the
mirror and say:

Mother Earth, help me to be the person I know I am,
And let me overcome my difficulty.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.
Pour half the mixture into the drawstring bag along with the coin and
the crystal and close the magic making in the usual way. Leave the bowl
containing the other half in a place where you will be able to enjoy the
fragrance. Keep the bag with you at all times and sleep with it under
your pillow until you feel that your broken heart is healing.



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