Love Talisman To Increase Bonding




On the first Friday just after the new moon, buy three candles — two white and one red. Also, obtain two pins and a red woolen rope. All these purchases must take place till the midday. In the evening of the same day after sunset, light the red candle. Connect two white candles side by side, and stick them together by pins. Take the rope and tie with it the connected candles.
At the end of this work, you must get the seven crosses of the rope on one and other sides of the candles. Put the connected candles on a table. Take burning red candle and drip its melted wax on the first top rope cross. Say at this moment:
Do all it for all other crosses which on first side of joint candles. Each time say the new magic word. Here is the list of these words:
1. Avasat 2. Balos 3. Mastel 4. Dimos 5. Lamo 6. Vatal
7. Ipos
Turn over the connected candles and give the wax to each cross of the rope on other side, repeating the same words. Place the candles in vertical position. Set fire to their wicks from the red candle. After a time, say:
Sataras gomo hatl unidos.
In your mind, these candles must be identified with you and your beloved. Continue the incantation imagining how under action of your words the fires of the two candles join in one united flame:
Valt dal al lakamur agla das as le taur.
With last words blow out the fire of the candles. You must realize that the fire has not disappeared completely, but only has transformed in the new spiritual condition. Now it is the concealed fire of your souls and hearts. From this point, it will be burning always in the world of ideas and mental imagery, and will be supporting your feelings and relations. Wrap the connected candles in a dark blue fabric and hide it in a safe secret place in your house.
This magic is the most effective in that case when you and your partner already have strong and long relations, when you live as a family and expect for the best.



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