Ritual To Bind Your Lover For Life




If you can get three hairs of the beloved, add to them five yours. Throw them all together in fire and say:
We are married by fire
And cannot be separate by anyone.
If you can get his blood (you can use “alive” or clotted blood), dissolve it in ethyl alcohol. Then fill a small saucer with this blood alcohol and set fire to it. Hold the left palm directly above the flame and make the secret words, imaging how the heart of the beloved starts to afire with love and passion:
Blood of life is blood of love, Ardour of blaze is ardour of hearts. What by fire is connected, That will not break up for all time. So was, so is, so will be.
When alcohol has burnt out, hid the saucer in secret place and don’t use it for anything else.



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