The Best Place For Casting Magic Spells




By ancient traditions, magic should be made at specific places such as a crossroads, an
open country, a top of a hill, a ruinous church, an uninhabited house, or a bath-house. Many
spells and rituals are made in a kitchen (near a fireplace or a stove), a cellar, or a garret room.
Wherever you make magic, remember the following rules.
Beginning your magic, determine the place for a performance of a ritual. The main
condition is a preservation of secrecy. Nobody must prevent you. Nobody must know about
your magic. Certainly, other people can know that you have a magic practice, but they must
not guess about your real actions.
For a designation of your magical space, create a magic circle. You can use for this
purpose a long white rope, by which delimit the external world and the world of your magical
transformations. Instead of the rope, you can draw a circle on a floor by chalk. Create in your
mind an imagined circle — an energy wall that separates you from the external world. The
magic circle is necessary for isolation and an increase of a saturation of the space with
magical emanations. Inside the circle, laws of physics not always those to which we have got
used. Here, the space and the time are subject to refraction — the future not always is a
continuation of the past, and the present lives according to laws of the other world. The closer
to circle centre, the stronger these anomalies. Therefore, your main magical place is an altar
always should be in the middle of the magic circle.
As the altar you can use a small square table or a stool sheeted with a dark red or black
fabric. The altar plays a role of the centre of a concentration of the influences necessary to
your magic. Besides, it is considered as the reduced copy of the Universe where all forces and
influences of world are collected.
On the altar are placed all magical tools and implements using by you during a ritual.


Magical Implements

Certainly, you can acquire various magical implements as required, but the best of all
would be provided with them beforehand. Here is the short list of necessary things. Colored
candles. A pen or a thin brush for drawing of magical symbols. A pencil. A drawing paper
and a cardboard. A scissors, needles and colored threads. Small plates and cups. Vessels with
plugs for magical potions, herbs and granular substances. Sugar, salt, black pepper, herbs and
essential oils. Bones of animals and feathers of birds.
All these things must be purchased only on the waxing moon; it is desirable on
Thursday or on Wednesday. All magic implements must be cleared by fire and water. For
that, hold a cleaning thing above a flame of a white candle so that warm streams of air take
away all unnecessary energy and information belonging to this object. Then put it in running
water — in a spring or brook, or simply place it under stream of cold water in a washbowl.
What can be spoiled by water must be exposed longer fiery cleaning without water influence
at all. Anyway, hold a cleaning thing above the flame highly enough so that fire could not
spoil it.
Keep all your magical implements in one secret place and use them only in the magical
purposes. Having made or bought once any magical implement, do not try to replace it
constantly by other new thing — do it only when they have full used up or broken.



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