The Meaning of Magic And Casting Spells

Is there anything, in this or other world, so powerful that just a saying of its name would set in motion all uncompromising opinions and indifferent feelings? Is a thought so material that capable to melt an ice and light a flame, to be cause of gigantic destructions or great creations? Where is a border, having crossed which, you will find yourself beyond reach, and all in the world will be easily accessible and subject to you?
Is it possible already now, in this life, to find a magical door behind which you are waited answers to all mysteries and questions? Will be these answers those what you expected, or they will disappoint you, will they give cause for new quest and new victories? Having made a step and found a new world, will you want to return back?
Putting these and other questions for yourself, did you have clear answers? Was a public mind definitive for you, or only temporarily it became a replacement for your own opinion? Did it brake your own search, your hope, thought, wish and success? If it was so, make a new step. Find your own world. The future begins right now, let’s try to create it.


The Basis of Magic

Magic is ability of people to change the reality in a necessary direction by the power of thought and will. But in itself a thought about desirable events is a little worth in our physical world. Only when our wishes are supported by a real action, their translation into life is possible. So in daily life, to have any things and profits it is necessary to make certain actions. Magic means an imitation of these actions combined with a mental work. For example, you dream of love of a person and decide to use magic to arouse desire — then you mentally imagine your intimacy, how your hearts afire with passion and at the same time you connect two candles symbolizing your bodies, and light fires which are symbols of your passion. In
other words, you create an idea and images of wishful events (use your will, faith, and imagination) and support them in the physical world by special actions repeating the real events (manipulate energy of the natural elements) — that is, you build a mental model, a spatial matrix, filling which, various events and circumstances take the form of the wishful reality.
Thus magic is a connection of two worlds, material and spiritual space, where an idea can influence physical reality and reality can form necessary thoughts and feelings.


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Possession of secret magical knowledge and skill to use it results to that you will have “more” and “better”. Such secret knowledge gives access to the understanding of latent rules and laws of all things. There are not reasons to doubt the availability of these secret laws. Very often we speak, “Everything for one, nothing for others”. And it is a visible existing rule — the better attract the best, and troubles never come singly.
Mainly, all saying above concern our mentation. That is why if you will can to create a particular aura around yourself — a charming atmosphere of success, happiness and prosperity — just one it can become the centre of an attraction for new benefits, riches and advantages. But in order that your success will be really great, you need to learn to influence not only on your surroundings, but also on fate moments of your life.
Nature of human fate can be compared to a wide river. Sometimes the river is narrowed, movement of its stream is accelerated — your life is full of events. Sometimes you are aground, and nothing particular happens in your life. Getting on reefs or in whirlpools, you have damage and troubles.
Certainly, you can go with the stream and receive both good and bad as a simple concurrence and usual chances. But you can yourself choose one or another direction, avoid
shoals, whirlpools, skillfully bypass sharp stones and keep right fast stream — to have success, prosperity and happiness.

All this is allowable and natural, therefore can be accepted for real action. The only one thing you need to remember — any movement against the current or the destiny is not always justified and often produces an inverse effect. Only in interaction with natural forces is possible harmonious change of a reality. In other words, if the destiny intends for you the area filled from a shore up to a shore with whirlpools and dangers, then it is no good to be floating back. Some time you can struggle with stream, constrain and postpone inevitable events, but in that way you only will waste time and spend your forces. Therefore, your struggle, your decision must be directed on a detour of sharpest stones, on a choice of optimum positions — when not fate rules over you, but you choose the best place on width of the river named the destiny.
So if on your way there are any important for you events, you can create additional conditions which will give your life the right current and will help you “to not swim past” the wishful reality.


Spells and Incantations

At the beginning, there was a word. And the word was magic. Yes, indeed, creation of a matter from a void, using only power of words, is a magic work.

A word is a great power. A word can kill or give a new life. In our world by means of words, states are ruled, laws are ratified, wars are begun and ended, marriage promises are made and feelings are expressed. In the real world, we can get various things by entreating favors of our patrons or demanding obedience from our subordinates. But here, we should recollect that the great ones of this world are not the main authority in the universe. There are the more high-ranking ones — the Nature Powers and Old Gods able to grant to us what we want or to take away what we already have. A direct verbal contact with these forces is the oldest kind of magic.

But, certainly, using of common words and expressions will hardly help you to have contact with a power of the universe. Here, it is necessary to use special word formulas which are named magical spells and incantations.
Incantation. This term has several different meanings. The first meaning is an entreaty or a supplication for anything in the name of someone. The second meaning is a bending in your will or a subjection of somebody or something by power of magical words.

The primary kind of incantations is a special speech that are directed to an object on that it is necessary to influence. This influence can be directed on various objects of our world or the beyond, on people, supernatural beings and natural phenomena which are personified — all they are consider as living creatures. Usually, such incantations have form of demands and commands, which are made in a dogmatically imperative tone and into them quite often there are mention of punishment in case of not carrying-out a commands. A formula or a common construction of the incantations is “I order you to make this and that...”.

The other kind of magic word formulas are imploring or beseeching incantations. In this case, magical words are directed not to object of the influence, but to an intermediary — natural forces from which a help is expected. Beseeching incantations can be directed to Old Gods, the Sun, the Moon, stars, nature elements, spirits of ancestors, spirits of house or forest in whose power to decide one or another question. Fairly often, the magical words are accompanied with symbolical sacrifices — food, wine, clothes and different things are burnt, buried, sunk or thrown before a wind as offering for the nature elements. These incantations are constructed as the two-part formula: “I give you... and you will give me”.

Magical spells are “placing of words on” or “uttering on” — magical words are uttered directly on a thing so that a breath touch its surface. In essence, it is a direct transmission of a magical power to an object. Usually, spells are uttered on salt, sugar, food, water, ground, and on things belonging to a person on who it is necessary to influence.

There are spells a basis of which is a comparison or a likening of two objects or events — actual and wishful. A common construction of such spells is “As... so” or “When... then”. Often, a realization of wishful events is compared and connected with time of beginning and ending of various natural phenomena. For example, “When all leaves will have fallen from this tree, the illness will have gone off”. In that way, a natural force responsible for one process is called for help in another affair. Spells of this kind are usually said at time of an action that are similar to one that is wanted to cause — they as if describe and explain an inside meaning of the imitating actions. For example, a wizard lights a candle and says, “I light not a candle. I kindle love. As the flame is hot, so the love will be ardent”.

Also, spells can be uttered without any actions at all. In this case, spells are considered as a substitution of a real action by its description. Anyway, a casting of any spell must necessarily be accompanied by a mental visualization — you must mentally see what you speak and what consequences your words will be have.

So, the power of magic word is boundless: it can control natural elements, prevent or evoke a thunder, a storm, a rains, and a hail, give bumper crop or sterility, increase herds or extirpate them by a plague, grant a happiness, a health, a success to people or distress them, heal a sick man or send illnesses to healthy one, inflame love in heart or cool a passion, inspire a mercy, a gentleness, or an anger and a grudge, give an accuracy to weapon and make a soldier invulnerable to bullets, arrows, and swords, cure wounds and stop blood, turn people into animals, trees, or stones — in short, a magic word can influence on events, change essence of things, subjugate beneficial and malicious forces of the nature to a will of a witch or a wizard.



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