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Magic spells are cast for various purposes as per individual needs. Spell casting is a very powerful art form. Black magic spells can be banished using white magic spells and a specialist spell caster. Real magic spells can change your life. Magic spells can bring you good luck, money, and love. Magic spells can help you realize your dreams and goals. Magic spells can also rid you of hexes, curses and black magic spells cast on you or your family.

MAGIC BANISHING SPELLS - Banishing magic spells are used to rid yourself or banish different types of unwanted habits, illnesses, people, or even enemies. This free magic banishing spell can be used to get rid of negativity, spirits, and even poverty. Banishing magic spells are helpful for returning piece of mind, comfort, and happiness.

BATH MAGIC SPELLS - Bath magic spells are most commonly cast during a bath or by using water. Free bath magic spells are cast for their relaxtion and healing properties. Some types of free bath magic spells are peace, healing and different types of herbal healing.

BINDING SPELLS - Binding spells are cast to bind or hold certain things or people to the spell caster. Free binding magic spells are used to hold onto loved ones, memories, and even sentimental items. Free magic binding spells typically bind things to the spell caster.

BLESSING SPELLS - Blessing magic spells are very popular magic spells. A blessing magic spell can be used for blessing of items, people, and even events. Free blessing magic spells are used to bless a new relationship, a new home, a new baby, and even a new venture of any kind. These are great to bless everything important to you and your family.

MAGIC BREAKING SPELLS - Breaking spells are used for so many different occurances in spell magic. There are magic breaking spell that will break the magic of a curse or hex or a spell that you no longer need or want. These magic breaking spells can undo a love spell, reverse an unwanted spell and also break a binding spell.

CANDLE MAGIC SPELLS -Candle spells are actually the use of candles in spell casting and rituals. Free candle magic spells are used for the property or the meaning of the color of the candle during their casting and rituals. Examples are white candles are used for peace, purity, and spirituality. Candle magic spells use pink candles for love, romance and honor among loved ones.

CLEANSING SPELLS - Cleansing magic spells are spells that are cast for the purpose of cleaning or cleansing different items, articles, people or places. Cleansing magic spells are used to cleanse a new home, cleanse negativity or a negative energy from your life, or cleanse a special family place from harmful spirits. Magic cleansing spells are always a positive action when used for yourself or a family dwelling.

CORRESPONDENCE MAGIC SPELLS - Correspondence spells are typically colors and their properties that are included or used in different types of free magical spells. For example, the color of green corresponds to free magic spells by using the positive properties for fertility, good luck and wealth. White corresponds to powers of purity, innocence, and healing.

DREAM SPELLS AND SLEEP MAGIC SPELLS - These free dream magic spells are used for different purposes associated with sleeping or dreaming. Free dream sleep magic spells can be used to give certain ideas or nightmares to someone. Magic dream spells are also used to dream of someone close to you that you might have lost too early. Free magic spells can also end insomnia or bad dreams and insure a peaceful and restful sleep.

EMOTION MAGIC SPELLS - Emotion spells are cast for a whole range of emotions like ridding anger or jealousy. Toss out unpleasant feelings using these free magic spells. Emotion magic spells can release inner turmoil or suffering due to emotional stresses dealing with family or loved ones.

EMOTIONAL SPELLS - Magical emotion spells are cast to control a rising fear inside a person or even to control panic and suffering. Emotion magic spells are also used to change another persons feelings toward the person casting the spell. Find a peaceful feeling or insure tranquility by using these free emotion magic spell.

EMPLOYMENT SPELLS AND JOB SPELLS - Employment spells are very useful for things such as finding your perfect job type, starting your own business, or drawing more people to your business. Employment magic spells are helpful in finding a job you are passionate about and also can bring success to your business adventures.

ENERGY SPELLS AND POWER SPELLS - These energy and power magic spells are very strong magical spells. They are used to become a stronger spell caster and also ensure extra powers for rituals and castings. Free energy magic power spells are cast to enhance the energies you already possess and can also be used to remove negative power or energies cast against you.

FERTILITY SPELLS - A commonly used magic spell is the free fertility magic spell. These magical free spells are used to help conceive a child for people having trouble. These magical free fertility spells also help end miscarriages. There are fertility magic spells to conceive a son and a different magical spell to conceive a daughter.


LOST LOVE MAGIC SPELLS - Lost love spells are used to have their lost love returned them. These free lost love spells are helpful in reuniting a love or lover that you lost but never stopped loving. Love spells are the most commonly type of spells cast and can be very successful.

FRIENDSHIP MAGIC SPELLS - These free friendship magic spells are very useful for blessing a new and budding friendship, enhancing an already strong friendship, and also to turn a friend into something a little more. Friendship spells are also cast to get a friend to forgive you and restore your friendship to a happier time. Even if you want to turn an enemy into a friend by using the free friendship magic spell.

INVISIBILITY SPELL AND LEVITATION MAGIC SPELLS - Invisibility spells are used to create a type of mystic smoke or blanket of invisibility so that you do not get undesired or unwanted attention. They are used for the sole purpose of hiding out in the open. Free magic levitation spells do as they are named. They help the spell caster to levitate, float, or hoover above the ground.

GET YOUR WISH MAGIC SPELLS - The free get your wish magic spells are used in addition to help enhance or add a little extra power to a spell already cast. These free magic spells are an added assurance that whatever you have wished for may come through more easy and without problems. Wishing spells.

GLAMOUR BEAUTY MAGIC SPELLS - Glamour and beauty spells are used in a few very different ways. Not only are these free glamour beauty magic spells cast to enhance beauty to attract more attention, the same type of spell can be used to take away a person's beauty to make them very undesirable and ugly.

HABIT BREAKING MAGIC SPELLS -These habit breaking spells are a commonly used magic spell. All people have a bad habit they want to banish. This free habit magic spell can be cast to rid and banish bad habits and regain control over the unwanted action.

HEALING SPELLS 1 - Healing spells are commonly used. They can be used to relieve pain, get rid of illnesses and even cure ailments. Free healing magic spells can give you an overall feeling of wellness and are very helpful in avoiding sicknesses also.

HEALING SPELLS 2 - Healing magical spells are not only used for health related magic spells. They can also be used for things such as cleaning an aura or ridding yourself of negative energies. Free healing magic spells can also be used for spells pertaining to spiritual and psychic healing.

HERBS SPELLS 1 - Herbs are used in herbs magic spells because of their powerful and magical properties.  Some examples of herbs in free magical herb spells are as follows, anise is used for purification, caraway protects against evil spirits, and also negativity. Clover is used in herb magical spells to attract a mate.

HERB SPELLS 2 - Herb magical spells are used daily in one way or another. The use of herbs in spell casting is a very common practice. Herb magic spells use common household herbs such as, basil for relieving mental fatigue and clearing the mind. It also improves concentration. Dill is a herb used in free magic spells to protect from evil.

HOUSE SPELLS AND HOME MAGIC SPELLS - House spells are used for a wide array of different circumstances. There are free magic spells to bless a new home, purification of a home or dwelling, or bring peace to your home. You can also find free magic spells to rid your home of a bothersome spirit or free your home from a haunting.

JAR SPELLS AND BOTTLE MAGIC SPELLS - Magic bottle spells have been found to date back many, many years. They are still uncovered today and encased with all the same strong magical powers that were first put into the bottle. Magic jar bottle spells can be cast to protect, cleanse, or just about anything else that involves mixing of magical items.

JUSTICE SPELLS AND COURT MAGIC SPELLS - Court justice spells are cast daily to win your day in court or to sway the verdict to go your way. Free justice magic spell can be used to bring luck your way in any lawsuit, civil suit or other legal battle.

LOVE SPELLS 1 - Love spells are some of the common types of magical spells cast. They are very popular to obtain a new love, attract a lover, and also to find pure love. Free love magic spells also include spells to cast on new lovers to strengthen the ties between the two involved.

LOVE SPELLS 2 - Magic love spells are not always to find or keep a special love. They are also used to end an unwanted lovers attention, break up a couple or even to banish a couple. There are many different free love magic spells.

LOVE SPELLS 3 - Love spells are used to help someone fall in love with you, return your love or advances, or even to stop a divorce. Free magic love spells are also used to get your lover back or rekindle a love.

MAKE LOVE LEAVE SPELLS OR RIDDING SPELLS - Make love leave or ridding magic spells makes it easy to say goodbye to a love that unwanted. These free make love leave magic spells are great at ending relationships so that both parties are able to move on more easily. 

GOOD LUCK SPELLS - Luck magic spells are used to bring good luck and fortune to the spell caster. Luck magic spells are can even be cast into a good luck charm and given to someone who is in need of good luck.

MONEY SPELLS - These magic spells are used to obtain extra money that will help in times of financial difficulties. These magic money spells are also cast to double your money. Free magic spells are also used for the purpose of gaining prosperity and wealth.

MOON MAGIC SPELLS - These moon magic spells call upon special magical powers that draw their energies from the different phases of the moon dealing with magical workings. Moon magic also includes information pertaining to moon correspondences. Free magic moon spells are cast during different moon phases for different magical purposes.

MAGICAL OBJECTS AND SPELLS - Object magic spells can turn ordinary objects into magic charms by casting magical powers and properties onto the object. Object spells are also used as charm spells. These magic spells can also be used to make items levitate or float.

OILS AND OINTMENT SPELLS - Free oils and ointments magic spells are spells cast in which the main ingredient is some type of oil or cream. Oils and ointment spells can be made into protection oils, magic sleep oil, attraction oil and even love oils. Free oils magic spells can be used a number of different ways depending on the use the oil is made for.

PEACE SPELLS - Peace magic spells are commonly used magic spells. These free magic spells are used to disspell negative energies and bring calmness and peace to your life. Peace spells are also used to restore peace in your home that has been disrupted.

LOVE POTIONS AND MAGIC SPELLS - Most common magic potion spells are the love potions. Don't be under the assumption magic potions are only for love. Free magic potion spells are also used as lust potions, employment potions, and also protection potions.

MAGIC PROTECTION SPELLS 1 - Protection magic spells cover a wide array of protections spells. There are powerful magic spells to protect homes, families, loved ones, jobs and also health. Protection spells can be cast by you as a precautionary spell for family, pets, and loved ones.

PROTECTION SPELLS 2 - Another type of magic protection spell is the ones involving protection against bad things such as evil forces, negative energies, and bad dreams or nightmares. These magic protection spells are cast so often they are also used as protection chants.

PSYCHIC SPELLS AND ASTRAL MAGIC SPELLS - Psychicand astral spells are cast to be used against psychic attacks, ward off psychic vampires, or also to see magical auras around people. These free spells can also be used to strengthen your own psychic shield making it more difficult for others to use magic against you.

REVERSAL AND UNDO MAGIC SPELLS - Reversal spells are used for the purpose the title suggests. These magic spells are used to reverse or undo a spell you have cast or that someone else has cast upon you, for example a love spell. These magic spells are used to undo magical spells, curses, hexes, and black magic.


Free Bad Habit And Addiction Breaking Magic Spells

Free Banishing Magic Spells

Free Bath Magic Spells

Free Binding Magic Spells

This free binding spell is used to bind a person to you in all aspects of life. Use this spell to bind a persons love to you so that it is yours forever.

Free Black Magic Spells

Black magic spells are spells used for hexes, curses, and evil spell casting. Only be aware when using black magic spells because as the saying goes "What goes around comes around"!

Free Blessing Magic Spells

Free Candle Magic Spells

Free Cleansing Magic Spells

Free Correspondence Magic Spells

Free Curse Hex And Revenge Reversing Magic Spells

This is a magic spell that is cast for the purpose of envoking a curse or putting a hex on an enemy you might have.

Free Emotion Magic Spells 1

Free Emotion Magic Spells 2

Free Employment And Job Magic Spells

Free Energy And Power Magic Spells

Free Fertility Magic Spells

Free Friendship And Attraction Magic Spells

Free Gemstone Healing Magic Spells

Free Glamour, Beauty And Appearance Magic Spells

Free Healing Magic Spells 1

If you or someone you know is in physical pain then cast this healing physical pain magic spell to end the pain.

Free Healing Magic Spells 2

A spell to heal a sick person. The healing magic spell here is used to rid yourself or a loved one or a friend of some sickness or illness that is causing trouble.

Free Herb Magic Spells 1

Free Herb Magic Spells 2

Free House And Home Magic Spells

This is a great magic spell used for blessing a house, like a new house you are just moving into or to bless the home of yourself or a loved one for extra protection.

Free Incense And Potpourri Magic Spells

Free Inner Strength Spells

Free Invisibility And Levitation Magic Spells

This invisibility spell is not actually to make you invisible physically but to make you seem invisible to people that give you unwanted attention. It will let you slide by people if you have the feeling of just being alone and unbothered.

Free Jar And Bottle Magic Spells

Free Justice And Court Magic Spells

Free Lost Love And Object Magic Spells

If you are looking for a magic spell to reunite yourself with a lost love then cast this lost love spell and the one you are searching will come back into your life.

Free Love And Love Potion Magic Spells

Free Love And Relationship Magic Spells

Free Love SpellsAnd Love Magic Spells 1

Free Love Spells And Love Magic Spells 2

Free Love Spells And Love Magic Spells 3

Free Luck Spells And Goodluck Magic Spells

This is a good luck magic spell used to add that extra luck you might be needing. It will also add luck to the most unluckiest person.

Free Magical Object Magic Spells

Free Moon Phase Magic Spells

Free Objects And Blessing Magic Spells

Free Oil Spells And Ointment Magic Spells

Free Peace Magic Spells

Free Protection Magic Spells 1

These protection magic spells are used for the protection of you, your family, your loved ones, and your friends if you think a little added protection will do them good. No harm is protecting the ones close to your heart.

Free Protection Magic Spells 2

Free Psychic Spells And Astral Magic Spells

Free Puppet Magic Spells

Free Sleep And Dreams Magic Spells

Free Spell Breaking Magic Spells

These breaking spells are used as one way to rid yourself of someones love that you do not want or a love that you once wanted but now want to rid yourself of.

Free Spirit Or Spirits Ridding Magic Spells

Free Truth Lies And Gossip Magic Spells

Free Wealth And Money Magic Spells

Free Weather Magic Spells

Free Wishing Magic Spells


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These white magic wishing spells are used in conjuction with the wish spell. You would use this powerful wishing magic spell for the sole purpose to obtain something you might be wishing for.





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